Quilled Fairy Wall Hanging




Hi Friends!!!!

Happy to post my lovely quilled fairy !!!!

Step 1: Sketching Image

Materials Required:

A Thick Black sheet

Quilling strips (5mm,7mm,3mm).

Quilling needle &Comb.


Pearls,Buttons,Gold Ribbon etc..and some stones.

Acrlyic clors (portrait pink,green,maroon,white).

Gloss Varnish.

Let us begun, In a black sheet u can transfer or sketch the image of fairy ..U can make any image or use printouts for better representation.

Step 2: Filling Up Dress and Hair

Use 5mm strips to fill up fairy and 3mm for butterflies.I used maroon and gold color for hair and a flower in liliac color.

For designing hair, i used paper crimper for that waveform pattern .Sectioning gives u great look instead filling with same color.And i chose white ,pink,yelow,red colors and made small tear drops for dress portion.Multi color would be pretty attractive i hope.

Step 3: Designing Wings


U can either make wings seperately and attach else make a outline and fill up .I choose the later, with tear drops and zic-zac paper folds filled up the area of wings and inserted tight coils which forms a boundary.

Step 4: Butterflies

To make butterflies i used quilling comb and inserted tight coils for wings to look apart ..And finally, placed some buttons in center.

Step 5: Glitters &pearls

Then i applied glitters to margins of wings and dress of fairy to enrich the details..Colored with portrait pink the features of fairy.I decorated the Flower on top with pearls and stones for chain.

Then i coated it twice with varnish for glossy look and to preserve my work.And use a gold satin ribbon to make borders for sheets u can frame it either.Now hang it to your living room and get visual treat which means a lot to your effort.

I am attaching this hanging for

IQCG challenge# 31- BINGO here

I have covered all grid items.



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    2 years ago

    It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.


    2 years ago

    This is so much work! Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you ur support means a lottt!!!!