Quilled Mermaid




I'm going to show you how to create this whimsical mermaid out of quilled paper

Step 1: Gather Materials/tools

· Slot tool or tooth pick with a slit cut into it

· Glue- I use Elmers white glue but any glue should do the trick!

· Tweezers

· Scissors

· Paper strips- I use 1/8 in but you can use any thickness

Step 2: Pick Out, Measure, and Cut Your Paper

· First you need to pick out the colors you’d like to use. You need a color for the hair, skin, seashell bra, tail, and fins. (insert colors)

· Next you need to measure your paper strips; you’ll be using 3 different measurements, 12in, 6in, and 3in. The length will determine the size of the coils (measurements photo)

· Hair (Pictured yellow)

o 2 -12in Strips

o 3 -6in Strips

o 2- 3in Strips

· Skin (Pictured peach)

o 2 -12in Strips

o 2 -6in Strips

· Seashell Bra (Pictured green)

o 1- 12in Strip

· Tail (Pictured purple)

o 2 -12in Strips

o 1 -6in Strip

· Fins (Pictured light green)

o 2 -6in Strips

o 2 -3in Strips

Step 3: Let’s Get Rollin’!

· If you’re new to quilling I recommend using some scrap strips or paper and doing some practice coils and shapes before getting started.

· First you need to grab your slot tool or tooth pick and place one end of the paper into the slot. Put one finger above and below the paper so that it’s in between your fingers, then begin spinning the tool so the coil forms

· Take the coil off of the tool and release it slowly, this will make it easier to pinch into shape.

· Place a small amount of glue on the inside flap to secure your coil, wipe away any excess.

Step 4: Hair

· After you roll and secure your coils it is time to pinch them into shape!

· Using your fingers, pinch and push the paper until you get your desired shape, repeat will all coils.

Step 5: Skin

·Continue to make coils and pinch into desired shapes above

·To make the hands and arms you are going to take a 6in strip and cut it in half. You then take the slot tool and curl the very edge of the paper

·Do not make a coil, drag the slot tool a few cm down the paper strip to create a small oval, secure with glue

Step 6: Seashell Bra + Tail

Step 7: Fins

Step 8: Final Product

Now you just have to glue it all together!

Congratulations, you just made your very own Mermaid!

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Lovely mermaid and great instructions.


    2 years ago

    Very nice! Your tutorial with pictures is great!


    2 years ago

    This is quite beautiful in its simplicity! I also appreciate your through instructions, the most helpful I've seen for quilling yet. keep up the good work!

    Brittany Ormrod

    2 years ago

    Hey this is really great, have you thought about setting her in some epoxy resin to create a wall hanging?


    2 years ago

    Love her! The colors and the wavy hair are great!


    Awesome! I am going to have to trying this with my daughter.