Realistic Quilled Miniature Flower Pot From Scratch!

Introduction: Realistic Quilled Miniature Flower Pot From Scratch!

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Hello guys!

I'm gonna be showing you how to make the cutest miniature flower pot!

It's tiny, pretty and oh soooo cute!

Ready in just a few hours, it makes the best desktop keepsake or a lovely little gift :) it'll definitely brighten up your mood!

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Step 1: Materials Required

Colorful strips of paper - lots for the flower pot, a few for the flowers :)

Quilling tool



Wire - for the flower stems (if you don't have wires, you can use toothpicks or cut off zip ties and use them)

Clay / some rice or sand (for filling the pot)

Step 2: Step 1 _ Flower Pot

So for starters, we'll start working on the flower pot..

Get around 15 strips of paper, try gorgeous colored strips and add in a few black strips.. They bring out the rest of the colours..

Stick all these strips together, make a long train and start quilling.. Keep the curls as tight as possible. Once you reach the end, glue it and give it a bowl shape. Push in with your thumbs, while your fingers remain out, supporting the pot.

Once this is done, glue up the interior and exterior of the pot.. Let it dry so it doesn't come apart.

Once dried, I've shaped the pot in a square shape, you can leave it round or give it any shape you like..

Step 3: Making Cute Little Flowers

Now, we shall start with the flowers.

Take as many strips of colours as possible.

I had lots of A4 sized strips which I halved. I kept aside 5 such strips of around 6 different colors each. One color for one flower. Quill tight curls of each of these strips and pinch them on one side to give them a petal shape. Arrange 5 of these petals together and stick them together with the help of a green roll.

Make all the flowers, apply glue to the undersides of all these flowers and keep them aside to dry. This will make them strong and they won't unravel. You can also make leaves in the same way and keep them aside.

Now, use the wires to keep the flowers and leaves upright (as shown in the pics)

Step 4: Assembling the Flower Pot

Now, since the flowers are ready and the pot has dried, we'll assemble it all together..

For starters, I have used some Clay, you can use raw rice or sand.. This will keep our flowers upright and will give our flower pot some stability. Keep the clay in the pot, pass the flower wires through the clay, arrange them as you like em.. Once that's done, cut up some strips of paper into small pieces, like paper confetti.. Apply some glue on the clay and fill up the pot to the brim with these confetti. Apply some extra glue on top and put some more confetti on it.. This will cover up the clay and make the flower pot more realistic..

Et voila, your gorgeous flower pot is ready! All that's left is to sit and admire your handiwork :)

Hope you like this tutorial and give it a shot yourself :)

Happy mini quilling!

I'm sorry about the haphazard pics ? I can't get them to appear in order ?

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    Penolopy Bulnick

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    Fun and more of those great colors :)


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    Thanks Penolopy! Glad you liked it :)