Quilled Shimmering Butterfly

Introduction: Quilled Shimmering Butterfly

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I saw a picture of a butterfly, and I just knew I had to quill one! For the paper, I used pearly paper, which gives the finished product a shimmery look. This helped to capture the essence of the butterfly. I would rate the difficulty of this project med/hard, because it takes patience and delicate hand movements. Without further adieu, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

Quilling paper, your choice of color


Pins (preferably with small heads)


Quilling Tool

Sponge, or something sturdy to stick the pins into

A Butterfly Template (I just looked one up)

A Triangle shaped paper (I used black not white)

Gems to decorate (optional)

Step 2: Placing the Pins

Tape the butterfly template to the sponge, or cork board, styrofoam, whatever you're using, and make sure that it is secure. Place the pins starting at the tip of the wing all the way near the top corner. I used about 8 pins total for the wing, but I placed more in in case I wanted to make more loops. Make sure you also place a pin in the center of the butterfly's torso, but just a little but more off to the right side, near the other pins. The pins further away from the center should not be pushed down as much so the paper doesn't lay all over the top of the template.

Step 3: Making the Wings

Take a piece of paper and glue it to another strip. Let dry. Fold down a small piece of the paper at the end; this will be glued around the middle pin. Put the fold on the pin, and then glue down the end. Let dry completely; ignoring this part may cause you to start over. Pick out the middle pin, which should be the one furthest away from the center pin. Wrap the paper around the center pin, and bring it back to the center pin, applying a bit of glue. Then wrap the pin to the right of the middle pin, and then bring it back to the center pin, applying a little bit of glue. Then, wrap the pin to the left of the middle pin and then bringing it back to the center pin, applying glue. Continue this sequence, to the right and then the left, until you have wrapped around all of your pins. Place a dot of glue on the section outside the pins of the wing. Wrap the excess, or attach more paper, around the the wing at least twice, and then glue down the end. You have made a wing! Repeat this process for another top wing. Then move the pins over to the bottom portion of the wing, and make two of those. You should now have 4 wings.

Step 4: Making the Body

Take your triangle paper (should be isosceles) and start to roll it from the base all the way to the tip. Glue down, and then glue it in the middle of the butterfly.

Congrats! You did it! Enjoy!

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