Quilled Sushi Magnet




If you can crave it, you can quill it! Decorate your fridge with your favorite foods -- in this case, sushi!


For this project, I used 1/4 inch size strips of quilling paper.

- 6 pink, 6 light green, and 6 black strips each 8 inches long

- 12 white strips, 1 pastel green strip, and 1 pastel orange strip each 17 inches long

- 1 petri dish (100 x 15mm) - 1 adhesive magnet (business card size)

- Washi tape or masking tape color of your choice at least 1/2 inch wide (I use about 1 inch wide.)

- 2 toothpicks

- 1 sheet of paper (color of your choice)


- Craft glue

Slotted quilling tool or tool of your choice

- Scissors

- Pencil

Step 1: The Filling

Roll the pink and green strips into relaxed closed coils.

Shape the pink coils into ovals.

Shape the green coils into crescents and glue one to each pink oval.

If you're feeling extra creative, you can mater whatever filling you like!

Step 2: Shaping the Sushi

Glue 2 white and 1 black strips of paper together to make one long strip in this order: white, white, black. Repeat until you have 6 sets of strips.

Glue the end of a white strip to the top of a green and pink set. Wrap around the set to make a closed circle. Repeat for each set. This completes your pieces of sushi!

Step 3: Wasabi

At one end of the green pastel strip, roll five turns. Move down about 1.5 inches and roll up to the first coil. Repeat 4 more times.

Arrange the coils into a flower shape and wrap and close the remainder of the strip around the entire shape.

Step 4: Ginger

Fold a rounded accordion shape about 4 inches long with the pastel orange strip. Wrap the remainder of the strip around the accordion three times. Rip off the rest of the strip and glue closed.

Step 5: The Plate

Trace the smaller circle of your petri dish on the sheet of paper and cut it out. Make sure it fits into the larger circle of the petri dish. You may have to trim the paper so that it fits.

Arrange and glue your quilled pieces to the paper circle.

(Optional: cut off one pointed end of each toothpick.) Glue the two toothpicks next to your sushi.

(Optional: Decorate your plate with flowers or shapes.) Glue the circle with quilling onto the larger side of the petri dish and cover it with the smaller side.

Step 6: Seal the Deal

Tape the petri dish shut, wrapping around the entire edge of the dish.

Cut the magnet in half and adhere it to the back of the petri dish.

Place on your fridge and enjoy!



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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    If you make more sushi quill projects please post them! I've never tried quilling before but that sushi project of yours is totally my jam! Nice job! Very unique.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you! Will do, I'll definitely be experimenting with more!


    That looks great. You should set your main image to be a picture of the final result. That will do a much better job of showing off your work on the search page.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    This is Great! I agree about your main photo. I thought you only made a tiny rose. The whole sushi dinner photo is much more impressive! Awesome!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the comment! I think I've got it working now. Hope you'll give the sushi a try! :)