Quillied Purl Jhumka


My name is Nethravathi.T I completed B.A. Last one month ago I
joined Project DEFY nook, in this one month I have learnt Gmail, Google map, Google translator, Internet now I am learning about project making. paper purl jhumkha is my first project. one of my friend working on this I got inspired from her and also now I am learning making documentation on this.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Craft glue
  • Nail transferent
  • purl rain chain .
  • Bali or base ring .
  • Cutter .
  • quilling needle.
  • round nose player
  • eye pin .
  • quilling mold.
  • white sea beads

Step 2: Procedure

1. The first thing to do is take the quilling paper and put it in needle.
2.The paper should warp in to the quilling needle.

3. Quilling paper should be shaped like button.

4.The quilling mold should hold the shape of the jhumka.

5. After jhumka shaped then gum around it and let it dry.

6. Apply nail transference around the jhumkha to give good finishing

7. .White pearls should be stick around the jhumka and attach white pearls to the bottom.

8. jhumka middle section should be inserted in to a eye pin.

9 Take the white beads and attach them to the bali base ring and then add an eye pin.



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      2 Discussions


      1 year ago

      Those are pretty :)


      1 year ago

      Our current learner Nethravathi made this pretty paper quilled jhumka.