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Introduction: Quilling Holder

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In this project you'll see how to make a nice Quilling Candle Holder.

Quilling is an old art, with its roots planted sometime in the XVII-th century, and it involves rolling strips of paper to form various shapes. Nowadays, it's still in demand, and it's sought after as a way to relax and let go of one's stress. The basic materials used are paper of various thicknesses, glue, and a special instrument that is used to roll paper strips.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!!!

Step 2: For This Quilling Model We Need:

- Quilling pen

- White glue(the one that dries transparent)

- Candle

- Some paper quilling strips of different colours that you like

- A white disc (cardboard,plastic, etc.)

Step 3: Mark the Midle of the White Disc

Take a pen and mark the midle of the white disc.

Step 4: Start Rolling the Paper

Pick a coloured strip , insert it in the quilling tool and roll it.

Step 5: Glue It at the End

Glue it at the end.

It will look like the one in the last photo.

Step 6: Take Another Strip and Roll It

This time after you finished to roll , release it a little (like the one in the second photo).

Glue it!

Make anoher one(same color).

Step 7: Press the Circles on One Side

Press the circles on one side and after that glue them together!

Now you formed a heart.

Step 8: Make More Circles and Hearts

Make more circles and hearts ( different colors ).

Step 9: Glue Them Together!

Glue them together!

That is the fun part!

And that's it , you can use it now .

You can put some transparent nail polish on it (it will be more durable and more beautiful).

Step 10: More Project Videos

Well now you know how to make a nice Quilling Candle Holder.

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    Quilled candle holders are awesome ! Just be really really careful when using them for the purpose !!


    4 years ago

    That is so cool