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Quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to create elegant filigree. This paper art technique is really simple and fun to do. The best part is, you always get interesting results!
These colorful pretty earrings are not only a cinch to make, the materials are extremely cheap. The technique is perfect for creating customized earrings for yourself or jewelry and other handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Step 1: Material Required

You would require:

- Sheets of colorful paper or Quilling strips (strips are easier to work with since cutting paper is very time consuming). Quilling strips are easily available in any good stationary shop.

- Fittings for earrings like those shown in the picture. Fittings can be found in any jewelry shop or with any wholesaler who deals in these kinds of things.

- Plyers

Step 2: How to Quill?

If you aren't new to Quilling, you can begin straight away. Otherwise you can go through the link below. It's really well written and easy to understand! This will give you an insight into how Quilling is done and also the number of shapes and designs you can form by playing with paper!


Step 3: To Begin With..

Start making your desired designs. But remember, you have to make two identical ones (one for the left and one for the right). Also, if you wish to, you can make one more, attach a chain to it and make a matching locket too! :D

Step 4: Assemble Your Earrings

Now that your two Quilled parts are ready, it's time to attach the fittings. Attach the part which goes into the piercing to your Quilled object through small metal circles (remember they should be pretty small, big ones don't look too good). The images shown will help you to better understand!

Step 5: Make. Wear. Flaunt.

Create interesting designs and you are ready to flaunt your customized pair of earrings! I have also put up the images of some of the earrings I have made recently. I hope they give you a reference as to how to go about it.

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5 years ago on Introduction

i had made lots of them with quilling but the only problem was i cant get the earring fittings (hooks) anywhere . so is there any way of making those hooks or earring fittings at home that would not hurt my ear. please let me know if anyone got an idea

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Mary Glittersnkumawat1

Reply 3 years ago

If you have any old earring and you dont wear/like them then you can use the fitting of those old earrings...


Reply 3 years ago

nkumawat1, you can find earring hooks like these at most craft stores (Michael's, Jo-Ann, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and even some superstores (I've seen Wal-Marts with huge craft sections). Look in the beading/jewelry aisle. The usually come in sets of 50-200, and are pretty cheap. Much more cost effective than disassembling old earrings, in my opinion.

m bedinkumawat1

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hi nkumawat1, you can take out the hoops from old earrings ..if you have any! I had a little trouble finding the hooks too initially, but I came across a vendor who sold earrings with hooks at a really cheap price, I used to buy it from him and disassemble the earrings. But that was before, now I get packets of hooks from wholesale market.

Another alternative could be you can make studs. For this just stick your quilled piece to existing studs you have.


I've seen so beautiful quilled earrings over the years, but unfortunately they are not always durable, you can never know.....I have some personal creations too, but not my thing. I'm more into greeting cards and wall art.

Cheers for the great tutorial :)


Allow me to answer this, you need to protect them from water or moisture, unless they are coated with epoxy resin or similar. Modge podge can also work for stiffness but its not waterproof :).

I've made large single coil paper coasters, using modge podge throughout the coil as well as sealing the entire project with a generous coat. After 5 years of use, I've never had a problem with the sweat from glasses damaging the coasters. I would assume modge podge would work fine for paper earrings as the only thing to come in contact with them would be hair/skin, which tend to be oily, not necessarily wet.


5 years ago on Introduction

This looks like a fun craft. So creative for earrings! Thanks for sharing and do have a great day!


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