Quilling Keychain and Pendant in One



Introduction: Quilling Keychain and Pendant in One

In this tutorial I will show how to make an easy quilling flower that can use as keychain and also Pendant. If you are a beginner you can see my another tutorial “Getting start with Quilling” here


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Step 1: Required Things

Required Things Let’s see what we need to make this

1) Quilling Paper

2) Quilling Needle

3) Glue

4) Circle sized ruler

Step 2: Make Flower Petals

Take 6 strip of quilling paper (I use 3 paper of 2 colors). Make Same size loose coils from them with circle sized ruler. Then Make 6 teardrops by using them. Then place the teardrops as the picture and place them with glue. Dry it for some time. There may be a hole in the centre I use a crystal and paste there.

Step 3: Add Some Circle

Take 3 strips of any color and cut them from half so now you have 6 strips. Make 6 tight coil of same size by them. Then place it in between each petal like the picture with glue. Dry it for some time and your flower is ready. You can use it as Key chain or pendant or what you like.

If you have any problem please comment.

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