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This is my gift for the Instructables Gift Exchange.  It was inspired by Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya paper art creations who I talked about in one of my previous Monday Blog Round Ups.

Follow these easy instructions to make your own awesome ROBOT!!  Or adapt my technique to make a different design.


Step 1: Materials

There aren't too many materials for this one.  You probably have most of them in your home.

1. Card stock paper - you could probably do this with other paper, I liked using card stock because it is structurally sound
2. Super glue - I went through 5-6 bottles of super glue, just saying that stuff always goes too fast for me
3. Scissors
4. Pencil and Marker
5. Ruler
6. Thin rounded object - i used the metal point on a compass (the kind used for drawing circles)

Step 2: Cut Paper

Cut strips of paper to be the same thickness.  I made my 1 cm thick. 

First use your pencil and ruler to draw lines 1cm apart from each other.  Then cut the strips out using your scissors.

A large paper cutter would be good for this but I didnt have one.  A shredder would also produce evenly spaced strips of paper.

Step 3: Draw Picture

I mounted my quilling on a piece of card stock.

First draw out your design on the paper with a pencil.  You don't have to go over it with marker, that was a personal and aesthetic choice.

Step 4: Bend and Curl Paper

I used a thin rounded object (like the tip of a compass) to bend and curl your paper.  I didn't really have a plan as I made these shapes I kind of just went with it.  Look at the pictures to see different types of shapes I made with the paper.

Step 5: Glue Paper

Glue the edges of individual curled pieces of paper together and put a dab of glue at the base of the paper strips and the paper you are mounting to.  Super glue is good for this because it dries fast so you don't have to hold the pieces in place very long.

Continue filling in your image until you are finished!

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    10 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I use Elmer's glue all for my quilling and it works fine. I've been quilling for over 50 years. The trick is to use as little glue as possible when filling in collars (the quilling strips that surround other quilling strips) The technique is also called banding.

    Very nice work. You might try using collars on the inside to define the spaces it bit more.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    dont use hot glue, i tried it and it made a mess all over my image (gets stringy). use super glue!