Simple Flower and Leaf Quilling Without a Quilling Tool




A few days back I saw an envelope that had a quilling design on it and was inspired to try it. I do not have quilling tools but still managed to make some flowers and leaves, and I'd like to show you how. For this simple flower and leaf quilling project you will need:

  • colored papers (you can use ready made quilling strips)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • comb
  • toothpick

Step 1: Making the Center of the Flower

Cut two thin strips of paper (for making the center of the flower).
Cut a wider strip (double the width of the thinner strips) for the flower petals.
Using a toothpick make a tight roll of the thinner strip (or you can do it directly without using a toothpick).
Glue the end part of the strip.
Add glue to another thin strip and roll it around the first roll.
Glue the end part of strip.
This will make a tight, rolled center for the flower.

Step 2: Making Petals

Now make cuts on the wider strip as shown in the photo.
Add glue to one end of this strip and roll it around the central roll made earlier.
Glue the end of the strip.
After 10 seconds when the glue is dried use your thumb and fingers to fold the petals outward.
Ta-da! the flower is ready!

Step 3: Making a Leaf

For the leaf cut a thin strip of green paper.
Wrap one end of it around a toothpick so as to get a loop.
Add glue to get that loop firm.
After the glue is dried insert that loop into the first tooth of the comb.
Now go on looping around the teeth of the comb as shown in the photos.
Glue the end part of strip.
Remove the formed structure from the comb.
Pinch one end to give it a proper shape.
You may bend the pinched side slightly.
Make as many leaves as you want.

Step 4: Make Designs

Finally arrange your flowers and leaves to get your desired designs.

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    2 years ago

    I know this isn't a quilling comment, but my question is this: can you put instructions on how to cross stitch a pattern. Also instructions on how to make USEFUL diy projects that are for the home, clothing, picture frames, repairs, jewelry, etc.
    Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!
    Olivia L.


    3 years ago

    This is a very practical idea for those who want to play with quilling just for fun.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi ..

    Many thanks for this tutorial. I was able to learn quilling and make cards for my loved ones. I have included link to your blog in my blog about those greeting cards. Hope that is okay :-) ..

    2 replies

    5 years ago

    This is bringing out the inner female in me. I'm sure my girlfriend is going to love the notes I'm making for her. She's having a girly party for her sister. I'm making notes/place markers for the luncheon table.

    2 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to get photos. Yvette found them before I could snap any. Mine looked more like sunflowers. The center coils were chocolte colored, to give a little depth I didn't wrap them compleatly tight. Then the petals I made each leaf more pointed, and only used only two wraps. The leaves I did like yours. Used colored pipe cleaners for stems. Yvette is handy with calligraphy, she did the names, and a mini proverb on each for each guest. I referred all questions how I did it to your ibble. Jack


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! Easy to follow, clear directions, and the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.....

    1 reply