Quilling Valentine Card



Introduction: Quilling Valentine Card

post marriage I moved to Hyderabad with my husband, I missed a chance to make a handmade gift/card for him on Valentine's day. finally I found the craft store and made this card for our one month anniversary. (I hope he will like it, I will find out soon)

for this card I used
- paper for making card
- quilling strips
- scissor
- glue
- toothpick

Step 1: Making Small Hearts

I cut readymade quilling strip into two parts
then using toothpick I rolled paper around toothpick
you may stick the starting point of quilling strip to make it stay at place
make a suitable sized quiiled circle and using glue stick end of quilling paper to secure it
pinch that earlier made circle to give it a water droplet shape
join two such droplets to make hearts
I made 4 hearts.

Step 2: Big Heart

to make big heart take a quillng strip and fold it in half
then roll its end as shown
then give its proper heart shape and glue it to paper

Step 3: Filling Big Heart

take quilling strips of your favorite color (I chose colors nearer to red)
cut them into random sizes
make quilling rounds/circles out of those strips
fill your big heart
glue those circles

Step 4: Quilling Letters

quilling letters are not that difficult, you just have to imagine the way you want them
before gluing, those letters may look weird but after gluing those become pretty good.
finally add those hearts made earlier
Valentine's day card is ready

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