Quilling Wall Decoration Idea:How to Make Wall Hanging Using Quilling Art




Introduction: Quilling Wall Decoration Idea:How to Make Wall Hanging Using Quilling Art

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Craft lovers often tend to ponder over the thought as to how to make beautiful wall decor using Quilling technique. The Art of Quilling encompasses various, easy flower designs. Amidst all of this when it comes down to finding an easy Quilling design for beginners, flowers and leaves are the best option one can go for.

Quilling designs for wall frames need to look attractive and entail an artsy and majestic look. Apart from being a fun paper craft art, it is a craft that demands a lot of patience. Quill design wall hangings, look beautiful when place at the focal point if the living room.

The art of Quilling and the pretty and colorful Quilling designs look beautiful when they are a handmade craft.

Let us have a look at how does the wall decor using Quilling Art come together.

Step 1: Material Required to Make the Flower Wall Decor Using Quilling Art

Thermocol sheet


Quilling strips

Quilling Needle


Step 2: Create the Base

Take a thermocol sheet cut it in the dimensions of 30* centimeters from each side, giving you a thermocol square.

Step 3: Lets Make a Double Shaded Quilling Coil!

Start by adjoining one orange colored strip with 3-4 strips to make one long double shaded Quilling strip. This will give you a double shaded coil as shown in the image.

Take the Quilling needle and make tight coils with it and fasten the end of the coil with an adhesive.
Push the initial coils out a little to give you a designer coil like shown above.

Place it in the centre of the sheet and paste it with an adhesive

Step 4: Make Some More Quilling Coils

Take yellow Quilling strips and make multiple tight coils of each. Make some of them big and some small in size.

Step 5: Begin Building the Design.

Now take the orange strip and paste it with the adhesive, keeping the quilling strip standing vertically. Stick a yellow tight coil at the end of the petal.

Stick a second smaller petal close to the first one, in a similar way.

Make the flower pattern in such a way that all its petals look uniform even after being of different sizes.

Strategically paste yellow tight coils in between, to give a designer look to the Quilling pattern.

The image show you three different levels of the completion of the flower.

Step 6: Create Leaves for the Flower

Now begin with the leaf. With the help of your finger bend and curve the green Quilling strip in the shape of a leaf.

Stick it in the same way, vertically like you did for the flower.

After sticking the outline, cut the green Quilling strips of different size, accordingly, to give the veins of the leaf a realistic look.

Use sap green and dark green for a richer look.

Step 7: Give a Finishing Touch.

Make some loose closed orange coils in the end and give a border to the thermocol sheet to give more definition to the Quilling Design.

Step 8: Your Craft Is Ready!

And there you have! A beautiful Wall Decor using Quilling Art handmade and handcrafted by you. It just takes a little bit of patience, to make this lovely wall frame using Quilling design, but the hard work is definitely worth the wait,

Make this artistic Quilling design a part of your Home decor and watch the world in awe of your talent!

Step 9: Click on the YouTube Step-by-Step Tutorial

Wish to see a complete detailed procedure to make this Beautiful Quilling Wall Hanging? Well, then click and you shall find a complete tutorial on how to make a Quilling Wall Decor.

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4 years ago

Beautiful design! One question though. What is thermocol? And what is the significance? It does look like Styrofoam. Did you use it for a particular reason or just because it was handy? Just curious! :-)