Patch Work Couch Quilt




This is a tv blanket to use on cold nights or doubles as a single bed rug. Approximate finishing size 70" x 85" All the materials for my design are recycled. For the purpose of instructions I have converted it to purchase quantities. 

equipment required
-Rotary cutter and self mending cutting matt 
-quilting pins
- quilters ruler; no smaller than 14" x 4"
-sewing machine (basic is fine)
-walking foot; appropriate for the model of machine
-1/4" foot' appropriate for the model of machine
- thread scissors
-dress making scissors
-quilters needle for machine
-large eyes quilters needle
-iron press

all fabrics in the quit top are 45" /115cm wide, 100% cotton
- a selection of colours up to 20 fat quarters
-Wadding 2.5 yards of 2 yard wide (I use bamboo because it is more sustainable than cotton or nylon based products)
- backing 4 yards of backing cotton fabric or to fit
- cotton thread off white for patchwork, contrasting colour for quilting on quilt top and similar colour for backing

- from each fat quarter
                         cut four 4' / 8.5" rectangles 
                         cut six 2.5" / 8.5" strips
                         cut two 13" / 2.5" strips 

-select a starting print  you will need three B pieces and one piece of one print and two A pieces of a secondary print.
-place one fabric piece A and one fabric piece B right sides together stitch down one long side 1/4' seam allowance.
- press seam to one side each time after stitching.
- place another piece A right side together with the B piece of the unit just stitched  
- repeat until the unit consists of A, B, A, B, A
- stitch one piece C horizontal to the constructed unit. 
- this completes one block
- continue piecing blocks mixing prints until you have 40 blocks

Piecing blocks 
- stitch 5 units together piece A to piece until there are 8 rows of 5 (see picture)
- stitch together the 8 rows (see picture) 
-be careful to match the seams

-give you backing and the pieced top a good press, then spread the backing right side down on a flat surface. smooth the wadding and the pieced to, right side up, on top. use your preferred basting method; I use bating spray others use safety pins 
- quilt as you prefer; i used straight stitch quilting.
- using home made binding or purchase double folded binding, length that will be long enough to go around the quilt edge with mitred corners. 



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