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Introduction: Quilted Diamond Tote Bag

About: I love making sewing patterns for babies and toddlers; downloadable E-patterns, free tutorials and more! Website is coming soon! Also check my blog.misusu.co

Today I wanted to share a free downloadable DIY sewing project for the weekend that is going to make you look cool and is super practical at the same time! The Quilted Diamond Tote Bag!

I’m a huge fan of tote bags. I seldom leave the house without one. Most of the times I even take a spare one with me, because I never know what I’ll find on my adventures and how much I end up taking with me… I take them with me while shopping, buying groceries, traveling, going out with friends; I basically have one for every occasion imaginable. By now, I’ve accumulated a very decent collection of tote bags; designer tote bags, gifts from friends, a few Etsy tote bags, and some made and designed by myself. And today I’m sharing one of my favorites: the quilted diamond tote bag!

>>> Download the pattern and step-by-step instructions on my blog! <<<

Happy Sewing!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I really want to make this bag, but I can not download the pattern from your blog, please help me
    thanks in advance