Quilted Sunglasses Case

Introduction: Quilted Sunglasses Case

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A natural, yet modern style of tie dye creates an arrangement of blues, purples, and greens that cover the outside of this case. Sandwiched behind this fabric and another different fabric with a naturalistic style consisting of bright green leaves and vines, is a light, thin, but fluffy battling.  Keeping these three layers together are rows of vertical lines of stitching done in a complimenting green embroidery thread.  

Located on the front center of this case is a simple and elegant hand created applique design of a tree.  The bark of this tree is made from a dark brown fabric which has just a touch of gold shimmer to it.  The leafy section of the tree is made from the same naturalistic patterned fabric that was used for the lining.  All the way around the outside edge of the applique are small stitches that were hand sewn to insure any peeling would not occur, even after longterm wear and tear.  The stitches around the bark are done in dark brown embroidery thread, while light green thread was used around the leafy section of the tree.  

There are three main perks I incorporated into the design of this case: 1) The light batting in the middle of the outer and lining fabrics work as a cushion to protect the glasses held inside. 2) I inserted two thin magnets on each side of the top opening of the case so that it will stay shut, even when it's just thrown into a bag  Also, the magnets are located in-between the batting and the lining, so that they are not visible at all. 3) The fabrics chosen for this case are not only beautiful by themselves, but put together, they create a modern and unique look that won't be found in any other case.

This creation doesn't only have to be used for sunglasses.  I just happened to come up with the idea after experimenting different ways to make a sunglasses case because I was in the end for one.  This bag could be used for many different small items.
I'm so pleased with the way this project turned out, it's nice even you surprisingly impress yourself with someone you designed and executed well.

Thank you so much for viewing my entry.  If you have any comments regarding this project please leave them.  I would absolutely love to hear some feedback!!!!  And if you really like this entry, please vote for it, and then check out my profile, krmarburger, to see my other creations, many include tutorials.  Thanks again!


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