Quilted Wine Carrier

Introduction: Quilted Wine Carrier

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This quilted wine carrier has a fun pattern on the outside, a mellow yellow pattern on the inside, and a light but fluffy batting sandwiched in the middle of the two.  Long, yellow, straight, vertical lines of stitching keep these layers together, as well as some light blue bias tape circling the top.  Small, cream, and vintage buttons accent the middle of the flowers on the outside fabric.

This was a gift for a friend who happens to be a wine lover.  This carrying tote fits one bottle of wine and the batting works perfect for protection when going to those B. Y. O. B. get togethers.  

I also made a matching gift tag using the same fabric as I used for the lining of the carrier.

Thank you for viewing my entry!  If you like this entry, please vote for it, and then come check out my profile, krmarburger, for some fun tutorials. (This quilted wine carrier will be published as a tutorial soon!)

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