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Introduction: Quilted Ear Flap Hat

I love ear flap hats!  Unfortunately, I don't knit.  I have made a few of these adorable ear flap hats for myself and so many people ask me how to do them.  I've finally gotten around to sharing the process with you.

Additionally, if you made one in plaid, it would be a great foundation for an Ignatius P. Reilly costume!

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Step 1: Materials and Pattern


½ yard quilter’s cotton

½ yard fleece or batting (I’m using fleece in this example)

24” ribbon

Fray stop


The pattern is for a women’s size small.  You will have to adjust it for size, just cut it proportionally larger.  The pattern does not include seam allowance.  Please add seam allowance when you cut out the pieces!

Start by printing out the pattern and taping pattern pieces B1 and B2 together to create a complete piece.

Using the pattern, cut four of piece A out of the fleece and eight out of the cotton. 

On the fold, cut one of piece B out of the fleece and two from the cotton.

Step 2: Begin Sewing the Fleece

Sew the four fleece pieces (pattern piece A) together to form a cap.

Step 3: Make the Cap

With right sides together, sew four of the A pattern pieces of the quilter’s cotton together to create a cap.

Step 4: Making the Lining

With the final four pieces of pattern-cut A cotton, sew two together on one side with right sides together.  Sew the other two pieces together the same way.

Step 5: Adding the Ties

Put the cap pieces aside for a while, and cut two 12” strips of ribbon. Tie one end and treat the other end with fray stop or clear nail polish.

Step 6: Putting the Flaps Together

Pin the flap pieces together. Layer the fleece, cotton right side up, ribbon, and cotton upside down. Pin all the pieces together.

Step 7: Keep on Going With the Flaps

Sew these pieces together along the dotted line shown on the pattern.  Backstitch a couple of times over the ribbon.  Watch out for the notches around the center front.  The notches need to be a couple of inches deep.  Clip the fabric to the back of the notch.  Clip the edges.

Pull the back part of the flaps together to form a ring. Double check to make sure the circumference of the ring is exactly the same as the cap. With the right sides together, sew the flaps into a ring. Turn the flaps right side out.

Step 8: Put It All Together

Ok, now comes the tricky part.  We are going to pin all of the layers together.  The innermost layer is the fleece cap.  Next is the complete cotton cap, with the right side out.  Pin the ear-flap ring to the cotton cap.  Finally, pin the open cotton cap, right-side in to the rest of the pieces.  Overlap the edges of the open cotton caps so that you can easily sew them together later.  Sew all the layers together.

Step 9: Starting to Look Like a Hat

Turn the hat right side out so that the lining is inside the cap. Now, if you are very concerned with appearances, slip stitch the lining closed. Otherwise, just sew it shut.

Step 10: Getting Ready to Quilt

Now, the hat looks a little poofy and out-of-shape.  Sew around the edges of the hat to give the hat a bit more definition.

Step 11: Quilt It!

Now, to give the body of the hat shape and definition, we need to quilt the layers together.  I did very simple longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

You’re done! You can now cut any loose threads and try it on.

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