Quirky Face & Body Paint



About: I am a conceptual artist, and my DIY projects are mostly inspired by pop culture (movies, music, sports, TV). I mostly specialize in painting, graphic design, drawing, digital photography, performance art, a...

This face and body paint ensemble was inspired by a picture of a mask found on the ZOOM Do page on how to make "Masks". Refer to the credit below for where I found the inspiration.


Step 1: Yellow Base

First, I started with some yellow all over the face and chest.

Step 2: Pink Circles

Next, I went into my light pink and make circles around the eyes.

Step 3: Red Nose

Then, I went into my red and used that for my nose.

Step 4: Features

The inner circles and mouth are the next to be painted; I used my black for those two features. Then, I painted the tongue using pink and red.

Step 5: Finish Off

Finally, I finished off with green polka dots all over the face and chest.

Step 6: Quirk On!

Now, it's time to get your quirky on!



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