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Quitting Smoking can be one of the hardest things you can do in your life. It's really up to You if it is your time to quit, or not.

This project was meant to showcase a 3.5 inch Trophy of my little Accomplishment ;)

I had this habit of chain smoking while driving; In my case this was the first hurdle. Every time I Wanted a Smoke, I asked myself "do I need this now, or can I wait until this song is over?" then I pushed on to Can I wait 10 min, can I wait until the Highway?, my Exit, can I stick with One for my Entire Commute?

Over 3 months or so I slowly wound up going from just over a Pack a day to a pack every Three. I was able to stick with a Pack every Three days for a month or so until I had what I can only guess was a faulty Cig. A big puff of flame and foul(Er) tasting smoke.

Screw This!

That was when I made the decision that It Was MY Time. 30 Min later I went out for what I Knew was going to be my last smoke. It just so happened that there was One lonely Cig left in the pack; I kept it as a test.

Two years later...

I've grow Fond of this Memento. I wanted to make it a home where I could keep it safe :)

I hope that This inspires a few people to make something similar, and it Helps You, or Someone You Care About, to Kick the Habit !

Step 1: Cut Mat's and Build the Frame

First you will need to Decide on your dimensions. If you are using a Pre-built Frame then you have to work with what is available.

These measurements will be unique to each project, but mine were 5, 1/2 by 3, 1/2.

I chose to use a clear acrylic sheet instead of a pane of glass, but use what you like :)

To cut the trim accurately you need to measure from the inside corners of the box rather then the outside coroners, (*See pic*) Just take your time and Double Check your measurements ! After they are cut, Use a set square to line them up as you Glue and/or Staple the pieces together. Let it dry for a good 2H.

Now even though the Glue hasn't cured, it will be strong enough for you to apply a thin coat of drywall Spackle to the staple/Brad nail holes. Let it fully cure overnight.

To make the slot for the Cigarette, Drill two holes and use a Jigsaw / Dremel to cut out the middle. Originally I cut an oval but decided to make a second background with extra space around the ends. Hopefully it should stop the ends from crimping.

Step 2: Sand and Paint/Stain

After the piece has dried, lightly sand down the Drywall Spackle to make the finish nice and flat. Take a moment to lightly sand any area's that you feel need some of love :) Then remove the dust with paper towel, or better yet some tack cloth !

I chose to use simple Mat-Black paint for the frame to highlight the wood. Choose what Paint / Stain feels right.

Do the same with the background piece of the frame. Light sand overall and Final sanding for any rough spots. Because of the Acrylic/Glass on the front, Varnish is only necessary for Aesthetics, not so much for protecting the wood.

I also took a moment to apply some Decals on the front. Nothing Fancy, just some Stickers from Michael's. This is a Great place to add some Personality ^.^

Step 3: Assemble !

By now, this step should be straight forward :)

Turn your frame face down and slide the Acrylic / Glass into place. Then will come you Background Piece and the Smoke. Take a moment to align it the way you want it to be Displayed ! Secure it with some Non-Water based glue or even mounting putty. If you use water based glue you will most likely Discolor the Rice paper the Cigarette is wrapped in !!

Then you will need something to hold the Smoke from falling out the back. I chose to use a Scrap piece of Acrylic, and glued some fake red leather to it. I then Secured it with double sided tape. Lastly when everything looks nice, Use some construction Adhesive to hold the background to the frame.

Finally, Stand back and Admire your work, And the Achievement it represents !

I hope a few members will share some stories of how they quit; get the community working together right? :)

"I made it Posts" are Encouraged, and be sure to Subscribe !

Take care, and Best of Luck in your Endeavors :)

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    2 years ago

    Great job on quitting, I know people that faint from the smell of smoke


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks (x2) :P

    It wasn't quite the hardest thing I've done, but I did give doubble bubble a small fortune !


    4 years ago

    Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I ever tried. I made attempts for the better part of two decades. No dice.

    What it took for me to quit was a coma and a few months of delirium. When I finally came to my senses, I no longer smoked. The good part was, to me, it seemed instantaneous. I felt the benefit of clear lungs immediately!

    Sorry if this sounds trite, but certainly feels awesome to breathe.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a brilliant idea!

    If I gave up my various vices . . . I'd need a much larger plaque to hold everything! Major kudos to you for muscling through and being able to quit. That's a huge deal, and this is a clever way to keep your commitment strong. Love it.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :D

    I'm sure you could build something better then I could, perhaps Upholstered in Red or Blue Velvet? >.>