Quote Iphone Sleeve

Introduction: Quote Iphone Sleeve

I am making a bag of gifts for my parents this year, and I am making an Instuctable for almost every one.This one is for my father because his Iphone often gets scratched by keys in his pocket.

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Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:


Duct Tape

A Sharpie



Step 2: Prepping Cloth

Lay out your cloth.Fold cloth in half and cut until the cloth is the same length as the phone.You can look up phone dimensions online.

Step 3: Edges

Cut duct tape to be the same length as the cloth.Cut duct tape in half and tape edges together.Do this on 3 sides.

Step 4: Text Box

Cut out a square of duct tape, and write a quote on it.You can find quotes online or make your own.

Step 5: Finished!

Slide your phone in!

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