Qwerty Door

Step 1: What You Need

keyboard keys

First off, you need keys of some kind.
take the keys off an old keyboard and if excessive force is necessary, use pliers.

As for the adhesive, I used this blue stick puddy which is great for temporary adhesion. If you were looking for a more permanant solution, try hot glue, locktite, or some other epoxy.

Where you're are will go is dependant on what you want to do. this instructable is for a bathroom door.


Step 2: Laying Out the Design

Using my hand as a template,
 I practiced putting the keys where I want them to fit the look I wanted to get.
Since lots of the keys have slight variations, be sure to take some more time to see what keys you want to have next to eachother.

Step 3: Placing

tack ur adhesive to the back of the keys and begin to place on ur surface.

Caution- if your doing this on a door, plan to do this fast or make sure that traffic is lessened so that there is no interruptions during this process.

Step 4: Enjoy

be sure to make sure all of the keys are well adhered to the wall.

this design is meant for the push side of the door  and just for Fun I added keys to the label.

Take pictures and share your murals with everyone!



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