Rüngnør the Troll From Paper Monsters | Papercraft

Introduction: Rüngnør the Troll From Paper Monsters | Papercraft

About: Dragoste Art Founders | Gamers | Crafters | Designers | Youtubers Shendijiro is 24 years old, who does gaming and DIY perler/hama bead videos. She is a big fan of the Rooster Teeth family and watching ...

Rüngnør The Troll is guardian of the Nafjörd, this little creature is not to be trusted or crossed! He lives in tunnels and under bridges, terrifying passing travelers. If you give him sweets to eat it will temperately triple his power and strength!

This papercraft was made by using the Paper Monsters book made by Papermade! We found it this is the number fourth of their papercraft monsters and guess who wants them all!


Welcome to our channel! We are Shendijiro & Ura, we love making DIY, gaming, building and unboxing videos!

These videos are called DIY (commonly known as video tutorials or craft guides), in which we teach our viewers how to do different projects and crafts. Some of our favorite materials are fabrics, polymer clay, cardboard, paper and perler beads. We will be teaching you how to sew, make bead sprites, charms and more! We enjoy making crafts and we hope you do as well! Leave us a comment letting us know your favorites and/or suggestions for our future videos, we love hearing from our fans!

~ Made by UraHameshi

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