"R" Kite

I created this "R" kite for my daughter with two wooden dowels, glue, cheap remnant fabric, felt, string and twine. Take two equal sized wooden dowels and create a "t" shape or coss. Wrap these with twine and tie a tight knot (I also put glue on the knot to hold). Make small notches in the end of each end of your t. Take the string and wrap the top of your t around the notch, bring the string tightly down and wrap around each notch, tying it  when you get back to the top of the t. Now you have the skeleton of your kite. I traced the shape onto the wrong side of my fabric and cut it out. Then I put a bead of fabric glue around the fabric edge, again on the wrong side. Making sure the fabric was tight I pulled it over the frame of the kite and pinched it down. Last I cut my "R" out of some red felt ad glued that on. The only thing I did not do that can certainly be done is add a tail. Hang it in a room for decoration or try to fly it in a park...either way, Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I've made kites like this (wooden dowels and wrapping paper) and pinned them to my daughters ceiling. A roll of ribbon tape pinned artfully across the ceiling and down a wall adds a great touch of color to the white unused space.