DO you need an R shape PVC Pipe well here is an easy way to make one!

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Step 1: Materials

PVC Pipe Cutter
33" of PCV Pipe
8X 45 degree elbows

Step 2: Mark the Lines

Mark six 2" Lines, 12" line, 5" line, and a 4" line with a sharpie using a ruler

Step 3: Cutting Time

Cut on each line mark you just made!

Step 4: Lets Connect!

Take the 12" Pipe and Put one of the 45 degree elbow and connect them. Then take one 2" pipe and connect it to the other side of the elbow. Take another elbow and connect it to 4" pipe. Next take another elbow and connect it to the 2" Pipe. Keep connecting the elbows and the two pipe so they make a round shape. On the last 2" pipe turn the elbow so it faces away from the 9" pipe, and connect the 5" pipe to it.

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    5 years ago

    Why would any one need to do this ever