R2D2 Christmas Tree Ornament From a Toilet Paper Tube

Introduction: R2D2 Christmas Tree Ornament From a Toilet Paper Tube

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R2D2 is propably the epitome of all robots, and is recognizable by almost anybody.  Thus, he deserves to be a Christmas Tree ornamet.  This particular one has an LED, and is made using paper and a toilet paper tube.

What you'll need...
 - A toliet paper tube
 - Thread
 - AAA Batery
 - LED (red)
 - Tape (preferable scotch and electrical tape)

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Step 1: Cut & Print

First, you'll need to cut the cardboard to about three inches, you may throw out the top inch.

After that, get the three pictures from above, and copy and past them to word (or another thing that alows you to resize them).  Also you can't copy a picture while your in the lightbox, so keep that in mind (if you don't know what a lightbox is than ignore that last bit).  You'll want the body picture to be about 2.5 inches tall, the head to be about 1.5 inches tall, and the legs to be about 2.5 inches tall.  Make sure that there is plenty of room above the head pic and to the side of the body (sorry I don't have these in a document form; I can't figure out how to upload a file.  At least I tried :\ ).

Print them out and assemble as you'd expect.  Wrap the body pic around the toilet paper tube, using a peice of tape to hold that together.

Now is what you've all been waiting for; how did I figure out the dome on top?  Basically i didn't, and just folded a pecie of paper over the top.  Although when you cut the peice of paper out, leave plent of room above the head to make it easier to tape.  Also cut notches into the paper, as it makes it look cleaner when folded over (if you don't get what I mean look at the picture above)  Tape the front to the inside of the tube to a height that looks good, and just fold it over and tape to the inside.  If you left the back side long enough, than you should be able to tape the paper from the bottom easily. 

I would also like to mention not to put the legs on untill after you insert the LED, since they would just get in the way.

Step 2: LED and Battery

If you don't want to deal with an LED, than skip this step, otherwise, start by cutting a notch in the red circle.

The LED I had was from an old project of mine, thus I already had wires soldered to the LED's.  I would recomend to add short wires to the LED, either by soldering them on or using hot glue(mabey even tape if you don't have either of the others).  From there simply tape each end to the LED, making sure you have pos. to pos. and vice vera.  (It won't light up if its backward).  Tape the LED so that it pokes out the hole, and tape the battery onto the inside of the TP tube.

I would recomend inserting the battery and LED through the bottom, if you try to put it through the holes through the head you'll probably tear the paper or pull the tape off.

Step 3: Almost Done...

So yea, basically just add the legs and put in the string.  For the string just run it through the hole between the two sides of the "head", and either tie it or tape it together.  and now your done!  The final product should look like the picture above.

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