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R2D2 log burning stove, made due to popular demand...enjoy...

Step 1: Locate an Empty Vessel

For the body of the R2D2 I used an old 19kg gas bottle. Make sure the bottle is empty. Carefully remove the tap and fill the bottle with water, this will displace any left over gas and make it safe to start cutting.

Step 2:

Step 3: Wet Your Whistle

Now you have removed the handle and cut off the gas tap, grab your garden hose and fill the bottle with water, this will displace any left over gas and make it safe to start cutting into.

Step 4: Legs

The legs for the R2 are made from some heavy duty 5mm box section. I used the safety handle from the top of the bottle to create the curved top.

Step 5: Fancy Foot Work

To create the shape if the R2D2 legs I marked them out with my magic marker and cut them using my 4" grinder. This took ages and used several blades. A plasma cutter would be much better for this job.
The off cuts from the legs were used to create the feet, very little is wasted.

Step 6: Top That

To create the top detailing I used to top of another old gas bottle which had been removed for a previous design, this was used to create the curved top panels. These were propped up while I welded them in place to make them stick up more and add depth. The left over middle was used to create R2's eye.

Step 7: Magic Eye

The safety handle which was used to create the curved section on top of the legs was also used to create the large eye piece on top of R2.

Step 8: Stand on Your Own 2 Feet

With the legs and top section fabricated, I positioned the R2 with a slightly backward lean and welded the legs into position. I used some pieces of 4" steel pipe to create some spacers between the legs and body.

Step 9: Get Detailing

I studied a few pictures from the internet and chose some of the details and features I wanted to try and capture, use some creativity and artistic licensing here...I didn't want an exact copy but something that captured some of the styling from the movie.

Step 10: Final Touches

The handle is made from a strip of steel bolted using 7mm threaded bar and double nutted. Extra holes, vents and details were added and all the old paint removed.

Step 11: Grind Baby Grind

I used an ark welder for this job so some of the welding is a bit messy, I grinded and polished the hell out of the burner before finished with three coats of ultra high temp clear coat with hand painted black detailing, again using ultra high temp paint.

I'm really please with the end result and will be interested to see what it fetches on eBay.

Thanks for looking, please like and share and if you're interested in having something like this made mail me on



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Reply 3 years ago

Very nice! You are an inspiration to all metalworkers in the world. A true artist, you are.....just curious, how much you get from these?


4 years ago on Introduction

Amazing I love it But please don't sell this on eBay...its to good for eBay. Try Etsy.com you would fit right in with the communities there and there are plenty of instructiblers on there. It is for the sale of hand made items from jewellery to furniture to clothes and certainly has stoves on there.

I am sure you would get more money from Etsy because people go there for hand made qualiy pieces like this not the cheap chinese stuff on eBay. Also there is lots of help from teams of people that if you did want to quit your day job will give you loads of tips in how to be successful.

My mum is reasonably successful on etsy doing ceramic jewellery and other ceramic products.

uncle marty

4 years ago on Introduction

I like the finish but was wondering if a person did want to color it (i'm imagining paint but worn like in battle maybe) what would be a good technique and paint or other material to use that would be okay to get hot and all? It's really beautiful and seems at one with The Force.

1 reply
alter2000uncle marty

Reply 4 years ago

Before adding the first coat, leave some scratches and "blackwash" R2 (not necessarily black). Find the colour you want, dilute it (at about 1:4 or more) and throw it at them, then wipe off the drops. Some paint will still remain in between the scratches and give it that worn-out look. As for the paint, I have no idea which one's best for this purpose. BTW, it looks awesome even unpainted (lucky me, I've found an alumin(i)um tank!).

uncle marty

4 years ago on Introduction

Sorry to comment twice so quickly together but would it be possible to see it from the back as well? Again super nice.


4 years ago on Introduction

Wow wouldn't be nice if the top was detachable and it was a mini grill if you do it give me one for free j/k but this is awesome it is amazing


4 years ago on Introduction

That's some nice welding. Love the brushed metal finish. Painting would have taken away from it I think.


4 years ago on Introduction

This long burner looks freaking awesome. I saw a picture of a Darth Vader one and was debating whether to take a shot at it. This instructable has definitely made me consider building this instead. Thanks for documenting the build and sharing it! Good luck on your upcoming auction.


4 years ago

I love it! Good job