MVULA Rain Collector

Mvula is a ephemeral structure that harvests rainwater in an off-grid, decentralised context. This project was born out of a collaboration with people in rural South Africa who have difficulties in accessing portable water. The free source to water is echoed in an Open Source principle, making the design widely accessible: A shared information using the basic materials of ropes, textiles and sticks, which can be adapted in regards to one’s context. The principle can be created in any size, with any sticks, textiles. You can also find some informations on :


Find each steps on youtube :

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    8 Discussions

    Cool rain water collector. Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to make it a standing unit instead of setting lower to the ground?

    7 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Would you like to try doing it ?

    I need some examples of people doing it for my graduation project. Maybe you could put the connections lower and then have a setting lower to the ground ?

    It depends on when you need examples of other people doing it, but I would like to try and make one the same height, and let the water trickle down through a homemade water wheel, causing a motor to spin and creating electricity. Please let me know when you need it done by.

    I need it before Tuesday so If you would like to at least the structure would be great :). The sticks of this one is 3 meters. I'm uploading a new version of the explanations.

    I'm sorry but i have finals this week until thursday afternoon. Is it a hard deadline or could you get one over the weekend?