Hello! i just wana say this is my first instructable so go easy on me.

The standard LED lantern can be useful at times by providing light and not consuming much power, yet its a little boring. So we will attempt to spice it up with some full on sextuple rainbow LED action.

Step 1: Materials

To make this lantern more exciting we will need a few things.
1- LED lantern
2- rainbow LED (can be found here or here, either should be fine)
3-soldering iron

thats it

Step 2: Open It Up

Now im going to start this step by apologizing for the bad pictures but its very hard to focus on close objects with my camera. 

The first thing you need to do will be getting the lantern open. Now all lanterns will likely be different to open so this step will be different for everyone. With my lantern you have to unscrew the bottom where the batteries are, then there were 3 screw to unscrew (i say were because i seem to have since misplaced one) then it should come open. 

Step 3: Soldering

First you will need to get all the original LEDs off the board. unsolder all that you want to swap out. Mine had 6 clear ones and a red center one that one one setting will flash. That one i kept in, but the others i took out.

After they are all out, you should begin putting in your new, awesome LEDs. Once you have them all in you should cut off all of the extra leads on.

Once they are all cut you are ready to put you lantern back together. 

Step 4: And Thats It

That should be it. I am will be entering this into the LED contest so please if you like it vote for it. Thanks

Awwwww yeh party in my bathroom

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