RAM Earrings

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I often try to deny it but deep down I know I'm a geek and even though I can't wear these earrings with a pile of old RAM beside me I couldn't resist.

Step 1: What You Will Need

If you already have jump rings and findings:
A heat gun or some method of desoldering
Micro drill bits probably around 1.5mm
A drill of some sort
A knife or screwdriver

If, like me, you do not have jump rings and/or findings:
All of the above
Wire 22 or 20 gauge
Wire cutters
A paint brush
A nail
A small file- Optional

Step 2: Making Your Own Findings and Jump Rings

This step is extremely simple:
Get your paint brush and make a small cut into your paint brush where it is about half a centimetre in diameter this is where you will bend the finding.
Make another small cut at around 3 mm this is where you will make the jump ring.
The below video of me making one should be easy to follow and the images are me making jump rings.
The jump rings are basically a loop around the brush with the ends cut off.

Step 3: Onto the RAM

Place the RAM on the flat surface and heat gun one soldered edge. After a short while run your knife, as shown in the picture along the edge. This should hopefully break the bonds. Then ram your knife under the bottom of the black piece and wiggle it loose.

Step 4: Drilling

Make a small dent with a knife to stop the drill moving as you would when you bradawl wood before drilling. Let the drill do the work and slowly drill straight through the RAM. If you push the small drill bits are likely to break.

Step 5: Constructing the Earrings

As you can see if left how they are the findings will make the ram hang side ways so twist the loop 90 degrees.
Put your jump ring trough the loop and the hole and close it up,
Voila you now have a Geeky pair of RAM earrings



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    Anyway realy good instruktable