Introduction: RANDOMBOT :D

Inspired by the eggbot I made the Randombot. This is how I made it.

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Step 1: What You Need

- MDF or other type of wood
- Saw
- Glue (did not use the hot glue gun, ended up using allround glue and some epoxy glue)
- Ruler
- Drill and different sized drillbits
- Pen or Pencil (some in different colours for the finished randombot)
- Dowel (different sizes)
- Bolts and Nuts (need two of each)
- Chair stops (did not use the black chair stops in this picture)

Step 2: How To

the box where the egg is on the long side is 16 cm and on the short side is 12 cm. the whole box is 7 cm high. Wanted the box to have "legs", made them by sawing out. the box is now 5 cm high and the "legs" are 2 cm high.

Step 3: How To

Measured on all the sides of the mdf and drilled holes. (used a drillbit with 0,3 cm in diameter. So the dowel would fit in the hole)
Two of the pieces are drilled straight trough and the other two pieces are drilled on the short side.
please see picture (difficult explaining this step,easier to show)

Step 4: How To

Drilled holes in the mdf that will eventually become the short sides. The holes are 1 cm in diameters. Then I sanded the holes so the 1 cm in diameter dowel would fit.

Step 5: How To

These are "stoppers" so the dowel stays in place where you want it situated :D
The holes drilled in these "stoppers" are 0,6 cm in diameter.

Step 6: How To

I used 0.3 mm wire and rolled it around a 0.6 cm dowel and then I got a spring (YAY) 
the spring is used to hold the egg in place and not crushing the egg.
I found it was better to use thinner wire for making the spring, it bounced better back to the starting point. 

Step 7: How To

The dowels are 1 cm in diameter and 2 cm in length. Continued with drilling holes in the center with a drill bit that is 0,6 cm in diameter. Sanded inside of holes so the dowels that are going trough will not get stuck.
When happy with everything I glued the dowel into the hole.

Step 8: How To

Glued the hole thing together. :D 

Step 9: How To

Made two 12 cm long strips of MDF. Then I drilled one hole in each strip of MDF and two holes on each side of the Randombot box. The length to the hole is 3.5 cm. The hole is centered and the drillbit used is 0.35 cm in diameter. On the Randombot box the hole is in the center of the box 8 cm. The strips has a hole that is 0.35 cm in diameter so the bolts can go trough because they are 0.3 cm in diameter.
When assembled it will look something like this :D hurrah 
The bolts go trough the strips of MDF and the Randombot, then secured by the nuts. So the strips of MDF do not slide to the sides.
Made two more strips of MDF that are going to go in the middle of the strips that are standing up from the sides. These are going to function as pen holder. 

Step 10: How To

started gluing the bits together and used epoxy glue for the chair stoppers and the dowel. Checked where the egg was best placed between the egg-holders and then glued the stoppers in place and then glued the pen holder in place. glued the penholder when it was bolted to the box so i knew it did not warp or be not alligned. 

Step 11: How To

wanted to write randombot on my box and customize just like the makerbot. so wrote the name  on the box. Then tried the randombot and oh gosh it was just like heaven :D it worked and it makes random lines on a random egg. YAY hurrah
if you want the lines can go vertical just by loosening the bolts a bit and moving the pen holder. 

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice low-tech, approach to "eggbotery".

    Tensioner needs to be variable so you could make it grip better (a rubber band on teacup hooks perhaps), and drive axle could be upgraded to handle cordless drills for powered spinning. ;)

    Nice work!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! It is good to start with a Random Bot and upgrade it to a Egg Bot! Some electronics required.