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You guys may be thinking this is a piece of crap, but I basically made this instructible to see how my pictures came out. Dont comment on how good the gun is, comment on how good the instructible is. I am much more capable of make things way better than this. Oh yea this is my first ever built knex gun. I built this about a year and a half ago when my friend came over I said that if he could build a gun id give him 5 dollars. He did but I didnt give him 5 bucks cause he forgot lol. I was so interested in the gun I built my own (this one). Later i went to google and sooner or later found instructibles.

Step 1: Handle

3 yellow connectors
1 yellow rod
2 red rods
Construct the handle of the RBG.

Step 2: Trigger System

2 grey connectors
1 light grey connector
2 silver spacers/6 blue spacers
1 blue rod
1 black thing
This is the trigger of the RBG.

Step 3: The Tip

3 yellow connectors
1 blue rod
2 red rods/light orange
2 long grey/orange rods
2 red connectors
2 light grey connectors
This is the end of the RBG.

Step 4: Add All Together

These next few pictures show the gun being put together.
pic 1: add handle and tip together.
pic 2:another pic of handle and tip.
pic 3: Trigger added to tip and handle.

Step 5: Add Rubber Bands

You need 2 kinda thick rubberbands.
Pic 1: the kinds of rubber bands you need
Pic 2:rubberband hooks from grey connector in trigger to blue rod in front.
Pic 3: How the first rubberband hooks on to the blue rod.
Pic 4:rubberband hooks from black thing in trigger to the middle yellow connector
Pic 5: The tip of the gun, and how the rubberband from last step fits on to the tip.

Step 6: Firing

Just grab the handle pull the trigger and it should fire.



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    15 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome gun, I give it 4*5. The instructable,however, was a bit blurry, like a few people said. But otherwise, it's great. 4* instructable. :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Gun is not bad, the pictures could be better though. 4 stars.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    a great way to fix your blurry photos is to turn macro on on your camera (its the button with the flower icon) with macro on, the camera can focus on very close objects