RC Baby Fan Mobile



As part of the Toy Challenge, i have made this one for my baby boy. The idea is to let the baby operate his own mobile toy.
I took some old unused toys from my other kids, disassembled it , and build this cool RC mobile.

Step 1: Seek and Distroy

I took an old RC car, portable singing unit and 3 fan candies, and took them apart

Step 2: Some Dremel Cuts

I used Dremel to cut the parts i need. 2 buttons from the singing toy, and the servo parts from the fan candies.

Step 3: Create the RC Buttons

Now there are 2 parts to take care of.
first creating the RC buttons.
i attached to the RC pcb the buttons from the singing toy. add a on/off switch, and closed it all together.

Step 4: The Mobile Fan

The second thing was to create the reciver fans mobile.
Took from the singing toy the mic stick with the 80's light ball. put in the car's pcb, and attached to it the 3 toy fans and a light bulb.
the 3 fans are attached with thick wire.

Step 5: The Client

he loves it



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