RC Bristle Robot




Introduction: RC Bristle Robot

This is a type of robot that used to be just a pager motor on a tooth brush but now you can make it remote control with just a few items. You don't need to know ANYTHING about robots, or electronics to make this project.

Step 1: Materials

To make this robot you will need

-hot glue gun
-a mini remote control helicopter (i used a Reflex brand plane) its better to have one with two side propellers or something that can help turn the bristle robot.
- 2 toothbrushes
-a knife (or a away to pry open the airplane)
- If you want more control you will need an X-box controler motor, or pager motor
If you have this you are ready to go :D

Step 2: Removing the Parts You Need

This is probably the hardest part of this tutorial Lol.

First you need to find any screws on the helicopter to help you take it apart. If you can't just find a way to get inside.
you will need to get the main control circuit board, the main motor, the side propellers, and the rechargable battery. This is the most important part in this Instructable. Make sure you Don't separate any of these parts or the robot won't work. Be careful so you don't cut any wires

Step 3: Assembling the Robot

Use hot glue to put the parts together. The dual propellers go at the front on top of the circuit board. The circuit board will be glued to the top of the battery. The toothbrushes go under the batter.(make sure the robot can stand without support so far.) Now you add the motor at the back however you want ( I did mine at an angle.) look at the pictures to help you understand. If you want to use the X-box motor or pager motor instead you will have to

Step 4: Off-set

Now you have to make the motor to vibrate. If you look at a pager motor or a cell phone motor you will see a metal piece that is not centered on the spinning part. you can recreate that by getting some sort of metal piece that is very bendable. you can get this from a coke can. Make a small hole that is not in the center or off to the side. glue this to the motor so it can't move a lot. you can see this in the pictures.
If you want more control over the robot you can replace the helicopter motor with an X-box controler or a pager motor. These both have more control than just adding an off-set.

Step 5: Reinforcement

Since this robot is sort of fragile and it is going to vibrate a lot you will need to reinforce it. all you have to do is cover a lot of wire joints between the circuit board and everywhere else with A LOT of hot glue. just go crazy!!!! 0_o

Step 6: Using the Robot

If you make this from a RC plane it is likely to have a charging port and an on-off switch. Try it out and see if it works. It might be sort of hard to control it because it keeps trying to turn. I still am trying to figure out how to fix this so until then...deal with it :)



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    19 Discussions

    dude awesome bot. surprisingly i had a broken down reflex that i was gonna throw away. one cool junkbot!

    sweet!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!  i will give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!!

    The reflex is an air hogs product that is called the reflex helicopter just so you know.

    Is this easy to control and if u make it with a video game cntrlr motor do u need to solder anything?

    amazing!! If I had an air hogs reflex I would leave it as it is. I only have one flying rc and it is a hard to controll bat. I have wanted a reflex for a long time. I would make it out of a cheap rc car.

    err, why not try using two vibrating motors that spin in different directions? could work.

    It looks like in the video. That the motor in the back makes the whole bot spin. To fix this: You can have 2 motors spinning opposite from each other. use smaller motors(the wires and the axle in the motor is big) like paper motors. Its better to have smaller motors that are faster then bigger motors that are slower. the vibrating motor makes it so that the bristle bot is suspended in air(about 1 mm off the ground) you dont want it to jump (more that 3mm off the ground) after that it becomes unstale. what i used in my crappy one (messy hot glueing), is a simple 2 channel helicopter and used the back motor to spin the bristle bot one way or the other(i mounted it verticaly and is countered by the spin of the vibrating motor). the main thrust motor propels it forward. I have a seperate pager motor to make it vibrate. i noticed i had trouble with stability. i corrected it with 3 brushes in a triangle instead of the 2 brushed side by side. Really cool instructable. I like R/C stuff.

    2 replies

    what was the brand of your helicopter? mine only came with the dual propellers and one motor.

    It was the cheapest heli, like $16 at Frys. Its a 2 channel, infrared controlled. i dont know the brand or anything about it.