RC. Delta. Looks Like Space Craft




RC delta plane made out of styrofoam sheet (6mm)
it has KFM3 airfoil on it which is also known as heavy lifter airfoil that means you can fly it by carrying heavy payloads

now you all will think that why i had used this airfoil instead of regular airfoil ?

the reason is,

1)it is easy to build

2)very strong compare to the regular airfoils

3)it is heavy lifter

4)it has high stall resisting property in it

now let us start to build it you will require some

RC electronics



EMAX BLheli 25A esc


TowerPro SG90 9G Mini Servo


lipo battery 3s min 2200mah

I had use 6ch avionic transmitter and receiver , you can use any you have around we only require 4ch

prop size :- 10x45 gws

some other stuff

Styrofoam sheet


some tape

fiber glass tape

glue gun / some glue stick

glue (fevicole)


thin metal wire (for push road)

some wooden piece (for motor mount)

barbecue stick

Step 1: Starting With Cutting Layout on Styrofoam

main layer

first we have to cut out the main layer of our plane on Styrofoam sheet as shown in the above diagram this diagram contains all necessary dimension details.

Step 2: Cutting Second Layer

just cut out second layer on Styrofoam sheet as dimensions given in the figure.

Step 3: Third Layer

just cut out third layer on Styrofoam sheet as dimensions given in the figure.

Step 4: Cut Out Rudder

now cut out rudder on Styrofoam sheet as dimensions given in the figure.

Step 5: Cut Out Landing Gear

now last cut out of landing gear on Styrofoam sheet as dimensions given in the figure.

green one is middle landing gear you will need it one and blue landing gear you have to cut two of same dimensions.

Step 6: Apply Tape

after all cut outs the main layer will look like shown in fig.

now you have to apply an layer of tape where there is portion of ailerons or flaps because we will need to cut it from bottom so tape will provide some extra support.

Step 7: Make Flaps

first make some space by cutting both vertical lines on both the flaps so that it can move up and down easily as shown in first photo.

now you have to cut very gently on horizontal line this cut is not full cut but make sure that cut is enough to bend it backward without breaking it as in third photo.

not with 45 degree you have to make cut as in fifth photo now our flap is ready. now check proper that both flaps are moving up and down properly .

Step 8: Adding Layers

now you have to take some glue and stich first layer on the main layer and then stick the second layer on the first layer. wait till it properly dry.

Step 9: Making Airfoil

now time to do some hard work take a one small piece of sand paper and start sanding from one side and give shape like airfoil so to complete our kfm3 airfoil. after sanding one side you have to do it same way from another side. Take your time and do it in proper way because airfoil is the main component of an plane

( I was in hurry so I do it very quickly but then also it fly's very good you can see it in an video )

Step 10: Adding Landing Gear

now you have to stick three landing gear in there appropriate positions with the help of glue gun.

Step 11: Time to Add Rudder

glue the rudder in position with the help of glue gun.

now the body part is complete now let us take an electronic part's.

Step 12: Preparing Motor Mount

first we have to solder an bullet connecters in the terminal of bldc motor.

now take an strong piece of wood as shown in photo now remove the mounting portion from the motor & make the markings on the wooden piece, make hole, put screw and your mount is ready.

Step 13: Glue the Motor on Plane

This is the main part you have to glue the motor mount in its position as shown in photo with glue gun

but to glue the motor in such a way that the propeller tip is in line with the line of CG

Step 14: Making Control Horn and Control Rod

you can buy an control horns and you can make control horns very easily from day to day life object like you can see in photo that I had made an control horn from wood , broken propellers ( I have so many broken propellers it is easy to make control horn from it ) , and the last one is from an vodapon sim card cover laying around.

not to make an control rod first cut an require length of metal wire and make loop from both side with help of plyer as shown in photo.

Step 15: Adding Servo to Conrol Surface

glue the servo in there position as shown in photo and then glue the control horn with the help of glue gun then put the control rod and done.

Step 16: Make Our Plane Strong

Take tape and apply it to the airfoil and now take fiberglass tape and stick it to the landing gear to make them strong .

now give additional support by putting barbeque stick in between two landing gears.

Step 17: Add Esc and Reciver

glue esc on the bottom side of the plane and put all servo and esc wires to the receiver.

Step 18: CG of the Plane

now the most important thing is CG (center of gravity).

you have to manage it with placing the battery towards the nose in my case I find my cg perfect by placing the battery on position shown in photo.

If you want to make an different dimension plane you can make it but then you have to find the CG of your plane and you can find CG of your wing with the help of this website link is given below


Step 19: You Are Done

your plane is now ready now just connect your battery and check all the control surface's are working properly and check the thrust by motor and now you are ready to fly it.

(if you are beginner then you can also give dihedral to this pale from the center it will make it fly more stable)

Step 20: TIME TO FLY...............

This was my first intractable if I had made some mistake then please forgive me .

Thanks for reading my instructable I hope that you had learn something from my instructable

if you do not get anything you can ask me in comment.

If you like my instructable then please vote for me.

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    34 Discussions


    1 year ago

    nice good work i wont to made it ....it is also good instrucables you are good with

    explanation i hope you made more...................................:)


    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing. great job. I made one of these 3 years ago. never been able to fly it. seems that it needed a "mixer" is that true? or did you build it and test it with no mixer?

    5 replies
    dharmik patel JohnC430

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes it will need "mixer" . You will need to do elevon mixing .
    You will better understand it by seeing flight test video .


    JohnC430dharmik patel

    Reply 1 year ago

    thanks. i watched it. they talk too fast and sometimes both at the same time. I could not follow them. I will read about mixing.

    dharmik patel JohnC430

    Reply 1 year ago

    you can check it out in your rc transmitter menu option there will option of channel mixing you have to just mix channel.

    now you have to mix the channel of aileron and elevator for example in my transmitter channel for elevator is ch 2 and aileron ch 1 so i will mix ch 1 and ch 2 now i can use elevator and aileron on same time.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes you are it needs a channel mixing you need to mix a 1 and 2 channel (left hand throttel mode). And the reason behind this is it has aleivon.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Thanks for replying. I will read about this and test it on my plane. I am new to RC and started by making this plane. wrong choice. when I started making the connections I began wondering about this problem and then got stuck. A long later someone told me I need to do mixing but no specific advice on how to do it. so this weekend I will spend some time reading about this. also in the video they said "differentials" (not math type) so I will try to find info on that also.


    1 year ago

    Cool. I guess it would be a simple thing to put a camera on it since it is a heavy lifter. Also, would it be a good for a beginner to learn to fly? (since it can take punishment)

    1 reply
    dharmik patel clark5113

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes it ia good for beginner if you put some vortex generater on plane as i had done then they reduce its speed and make them more stable so that it is easy to learn how to fly an plane and once you become expert you can remove vortex generater and increase speed of your plane
    Have fun while learning


    1 year ago

    Very interesting project I can also made these RC Delta plane and share my experience with you

    Great job by Dharmik Patel please like share comment and the most important please do vote for Dharmik Patel

    And I have some doubts about this project are

    1:-4 channel RC transmitter and receiver are enough for this Delta plane

    2:-Which brushless motor is best for this RC Delta plane

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes correct answare by dharmik Patel and greatly explained thing so yes you need only 4 ch TX-RX still you can use any of the TX-RX which have 4 or more than that no. Of channel.
    And yes you find motor from given link and yes you can use any motor which thrust is more than your plane weight and will work of both direction (i.e. cw or ccw) with 10 inch propeller supported.

    dharmik patel magajagan80

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes 4 ch will work
    Add the motor that i had used you can buy it from the link given in my instructable


    1 year ago

    Very cool.

    Could you mount a camera on it could you fly it out of sight?

    Seems noisy. Is this due to the way the prop runs in a slot?

    1 reply
    dharmik patel sgbotsford

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes you r right about noise but it is kind of interesting thing by changing the gap arround the propeller we can chang the sound as we like.

    I dont have an fpv camera but i will will tryone day when i will have camera


    1 year ago

    Awesome instructable. I'm sure I'll be giving this one a try... Looking forward to seeing more in the future....


    1 year ago



    1 year ago

    Its flying soo nicely and slow... Excellent for begineer..