R/C Grinder Gear!


Introduction: R/C Grinder Gear!

take an old rc helicopter and make a new toy!

i am pretty sure that this can be done with any helicopter that can be taken apart.

Step 1: Gather Ing the Materials.

im sorry if this picture is fuzzy, but my cam sucks.

the materials are;
1.old rc helicopter
(these are from the heli)
2.the battery recharger
3.the rechargable battery
4.the motor(it needs to have a metal gear)
5.the control panel+antenna
6.the remote control(not in pic)
7.electrical tape

Step 2: Assembly #1

take the battery and the control panel and tape them together as shown.

you need to make sure that the 2 plugs can connect after taping.

Step 3: Assembly #2

take the completed battery assembly and the motor. whe n taping these, you neec to be careful not to tape over the heat holes.

after taping , connect the wire from the motor into the slot.

Step 4: Finishing Up

first get the antenna and tape it to the side of the control panel

then hook up the battery.

there u go!

Step 5: Using It

all u need to do is find something to grind,(plastic is best)
turn on the remote control and the grinder, and rev it up!



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    20 Discussions

    I need a new Rc reciver.

    Can you buy replacement recivers for this model because I got a simmalar reciver and broke it?
    It was from a rc plane.
    Where did you buy this helicopter?
    Is their a online store?

    Sorry for clogging up comments but I am desprate to get my reciver fixed.

    i have a crappy £10 ($20 approx) and its run by a capacitator so theres no need to buy batteries So its gd for this project!

    1 reply

    actually, i used a 30$ peice of crap-quality-crap, and the whole rear rotor system was shatered. =P

    That's better then; turning a broken toy into ... anything is better than just throwing it out.

    thanks it is really funny cuz i drilled a hole in a soda can and it spilled on my grandma

    What's the use of using a R/C ;? A switch was to fancy i guess :P

    it only had a 2 channel radio??? damn that sucks my micro mosquito has a 3 channel


    11 years ago

    How to turn a $200 toy into a $20 tool ? Ouch!

    Take a video, then go to YouTube, upload it there, and use the code that they give you to put it up. Won't this wear out the gear? I was thinking about doing this as a head for my homemade Dremel, but it seems it would wear out. The train that I made it from had a gear on it to drive the wheels.

    1 reply

    if anyone will tell me how i will put a video of me usnig it! thnx!!

    1 reply

    upload your video to google video or youtube ;) Then click the "video" button while editing and copy/paste the url for the video ;)