RC HOBBIES - TINY TIPS - Tiny Screws, Big Hands, Deep Hole - No Problem!

About: Hi I'm Steve, RC plane enthusiast and owner of killerplanes.com. I wanted to spend more time flying and less time fixing so I invented "Crashproofing" or Carbon Fiber Reinforcement for RC electric foamies. I...

Here's a Tiny Tip that will hopefully help you keep your sanity. It's worked for Steve (sort of -- LOL). Click here to see more of our How To Videos (long and short).

KillerPlanes.com - The ONLY place for Carbon Fiber Reinforcement (Crashproofing) for your RC Foamies, we sell reinforcement kits, partially installed kits, and planes with installed reinforcement kits. We also have a wide selection of electric foamies and parts

Facebook - Visit us and like us on Facebook we also have a Killer Planes "Forum" Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/KillerPlanes/

YouTube – See tons more How To videos and electric foamie flight reviews to educate and entertain!

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