RC Helicopter Camera Mount

Introduction: RC Helicopter Camera Mount

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I Recently bought the MJX f45 RC helicopter for around $75 and its turned out to be quite a good helicopter for the price. I soon realized its more than capable of carrying a small go pro style DVR camera without having any flight problems. So naturally I decided to buy a small inexpensive camera to try with it, I went with the usb U8 thumb drive style camera for $10. It doesn't produce the best quality video but for the price its one of the better cameras on the market in this size.

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Step 1: Parts Used

USB U8 thumb drive style DVR Camera

I used 2 foam circles from a blank cd spindle case

I cut the foam into 3 rectangles, then I stacked 2 and taped them to the top front and 1 at the top back this gave the camera a downward angle when its attached. The foam also has a vibration dampening effect which also helps stabilize your video.

Small long strip of Velcro around 4 inches long and 1/4 wide

Double sided tape

Step 2: The Final Look

Simply thread the Velcro as shown in the picture into the slots already on the bottom of the helicopter and your ready to attach your camera. The Velcro makes it easy to install or remove the camera, so you can charge and download the videos where its convenient. It also holds the camera very tight and secure thanks to the foam which compresses some during install and that keeps positive pressure on the Velcro. This mount also does't take anything away from the look, handling, or performance of the helicopter.

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    4 years ago

    does this work om a ty 109 model


    Reply 4 years ago

    This should work on all radio controlled vehicles able to carry the weight.