RC Car Reinforced Part

Introduction: RC Car Reinforced Part

I'm Andreas, a 15 year old RC Racer from Belgium. My passion is racing and maintenancing remote controlled cars. A year ago I thought; "well, these RC cars could be way more durable, and so allot more reliable. So I started designing, drawing and creating parts for RC cars in stronger ways.

Step 1: Reinforced Suspension Arm: Still Not Strong Enough

For now, I have one real part that I let print by a friend of me. It was a weak point on this car, and so I wanted to change it. I remade the part just keeping the important dimensions. After some test, it seemed it wasn't working either. So I got to the PC again and started changing things to make it stronger.

Step 2: Reinforced Suspension Arm : Carbon/PLA

After some tweaking on the suspension arm, and some talking to my friend with the 3D printer, we came to thhe conclusion that we would have to print it in a stronger material than standard PLA. So we did, he had some new material wich is a mixture of Carbon fibre and PLA. This would be allot stronger because of the carbon it contains. We also printed it at 100% fill, instead of 85%.

The parts are printed and have to be tested now, but I have a very good feeling about it. I just have to find time to test these parts.

I'm also modelling a car for the moment, and have allot inspiration for upcoming parts. I'll keep you updated !

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    5 years ago

    I have the same car (team associated b44) I have the same problem as well.