RC Radio Flyer Wagon

Remote controlled Swap meet waggon able to cary hundreds of pounds

---gear box and motor , motor esc, wheels, is from outdated FRC First Robotics parts

---steering servo(HK15338 Giant Digital Servo MG 25kg / 0.21sec / 175g0),HobbyKing 10A ESC 1A UBEC hz, 3ch radio

---old waggon to start with

First I had to, place where the tire will be located and weld up a inner frame then the width the rear axle.

Gear box mount drilled so it can be adjusted for chain, made a holder for a 12v battery in the center,and a small box

for the electronics in the front, front tie rod links and servo steering link

Step 1: Source Wheel Steel Square Tubing ,round Stock

Step 2: Weld Up Mock Up Wheels

---Made frame if 1/2 square tubing with some 1'' flat stock front steering arm is 1 by 2 1/2 stock

I made a mount for the gear reduction box (old First Robotics parts) so the chain was able to be adjusted

Step 3: Front Steering Arm

1/2 inch round stock welded to a bent 1in flat stock into a u shape, pinned to a 2 in by 1 inch tubing for axle.

Step 4: Electronics

Made a plywood box to mount under waggon to hold electronics ( speed controller, remote control reciever, ubec to reduce 12v to 5v for servo and remote control )

Step 5: Mount Battery , Wagon Top , Test



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    2 years ago

    That looks like fun :) Good luck at the meet!