RC - Remote Control Air Horn Prank

Introduction: RC - Remote Control Air Horn Prank

I purchased an air horn for fun and thought that it would be cool to be able to trigger it remotely. My brother in law suggested that I mount it to a remote control car. That is what I did.

I used a piece of galvanized metal that is used for chain link fencing. I bent it to make a mount for the servo motor which is used to depress the air horn piston. Hose clamps were used to hold the mount and to mount the horn/servo to the car. I will post video when I get it up. I plan on mounting my wireless video camera to it and running it from my car and recording the whole thing "first person" style.



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    back in the 70's I worked for a const co whos' vans cell phone beeped the horn...the other guys thot it was funny to call when you were behind an officer or someone was in the crosswalk...this gives me an idea for a magnetic package to place under for some fun...getting even 40 years later!!

    my friend always tried to trick me by saying yogurt while I swung my club. When he wasn't there, I got bad at playing golf because I expected somebody to say yogurt.

    Really love this, been wanting to do the same thing for ages. Just wanted to know how much torque was in the servo that you used to depress the cap?

    Cool, I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years now. I have a couple of dollar store air horns that are actually very loud to my surprise. But I dont have any servos that are powerful enough to push the cap down. I have a 3 channel radio on the way. I was thinking of using something very similar to a servo on steroids. It came out of the back of a vending machine. It turns the coil thing to give you your food. They are about five dollars at a local science store. I can just use another esc on the channel to control it or possible the guts of a servo which is basicly a mini esc. I dont think that it would have enough power though.

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    Yes, servos can be expensive! I was lucky because my brother-in-law gave it to me. Good luck with your car! Post a picture when you get it complete!

    Also, what kind of rc car is that? I noticed you had a traxxas remote. Was that just so you had the third channel?

    Yes, I needed it for the third channel. It is a Team Losi XXXT.

    Cool, it seems like a losi version of the traxxas rustler. But my rustler is destroyed. I might get a losi b4.1 soon. But I doubt it. I really want to build a gamming computer.