RC Remote Control Multiple Servo Motors

This is a super easy way of controlling RC servo motors for use in RC plane applications.

Step 1: BoM

Step 2: Plug It In

Make sure you plug it in the correct orientation and order. For this particular transmitter, Flysky i6, it's signal-power-ground. And from the bottom up, channel 1 is elevator, channel 2 is aileron, channel 3 is throttle, channel 4 is rudder, and the rest are auxiliary programmable knobs.

We would not want to plug anything itnto throttle since that has a different mechanical mechanism.

Plug in the servos on channel 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 with the wire order signal-power-ground

Step 3: Programming the Transmitter

There are several menu options to keep in mind for this programmable transmitter

  • Reversing servo motion, if the motion is the opposite of what is expected.
  • End points of the servo, if you would like to restrict it's motion
  • And lastly, the final checklist item which is the display for joy stick and auxiliary switch control to ensure that the behaviour is expected, to prevent any potential crashes. (Trust me, I've seen to many servo reversal incidents)

Step 4: Calibrate and Trim

Trim the servo motors such that the control surfaces are always centred with the trim tabs as shown in the image.

Step 5: Done!

Connect your servo motors to any RC plane (or tricopter) and enjoy!

Happy Flying!



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