RC Tie Fighter

Introduction: RC Tie Fighter

Hey guys! This is my first instructables! I hope you enjoy this one and please vote for me in the make it fly contest. That would realy help me ?✌️

Step 1: Cut the Wings

For this you need a paper with the tie fighter wings: https://plus.google.com/108519461287910906309/posts/aGFxpG8j7zY
Now you need to cut them out. You only need 2 wings. You have to dubble fold them.

Step 2: Glue the Wings on the Drone

Now you just have to glue the wings on the edge of the drone like shown on the picture.

Step 3: Everything Done!

Now its done. If you didnt understand it or couldnt follow it. Click the link here to the full video i made for it: http://youtu.be/frGSzFj10p4



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    9 Discussions

    pretty simple, but good, nonetheless

    Nice work, so simple gona have to make one of these to go with my falcon drone

    Very cool!

    Do you have a video of this in action? That would be really cool to see, and you could embed it right into a step ;)

    4 replies

    i am actually working on it and am thinking of uploading it after the contest is over

    The Make it Fly contest? It doesn't look like you're entered yet. But you certainly should!