RC Trainer Plane Project

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Hi! i am Berk Akguc, İ study mechanical engineering in Çukurova University,İ have a brother,he is higt school student.we made the RC plane Project in our small house workshop in this summer,we used some software to understand dynamic and drawing of the Tutor rc plane(autocad,solidwork),i am going to explain the building of the plane step by step.

The rc plane has 12.5 min fight time


The RC cost is almost 320$

The model name is Tutor

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Step 1: Plans of the Rc Plane Drawing and Setting

  1. I first used autocad to have isometric views of the rc plane,after i translate the plans of the rc plane autocad from solidworks.

  • The programs:autocad and solidworks

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard

  • utility knife
  • cardboard(2)
  • The plans of the rc plane

Step 3: Wings

    Wing is very important for planes.

    Dihedral angle:9

    Airfoil length is 219.07mm


    . -The airplane of airfoil is Naca4412

    . -XPs depron(1)(1200mm,600mm)

    -Depron for flaps(1)(1200mm,600mm)

    -we use cnc machine to foam depron by autocad

    -9gr servo motor(2)

Step 4: Building Airframe of Plane

  • Almost 200-250mm balsa wood

  • utility knife

  • silicon

  • contra plaque 200mm-400mm(to support basla and protect harmfull efects electronics items.)İ

  • İ enlarged some dimensions of the airframe for electronic items by autocad,it is was very beneficial for central points settings.

Step 5: Electronic System

-Flysky İ6x (8ch)
-sunny Sky x2820https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/32690976156.html 1100kw

-MKT 3000mah 35c 3S LiPo

-SkyWalker 50A ESC

-Propeller apc 10.5

Step 6:

Step 7:

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