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Introduction: RC Compartment

About: College student perusing a degree in electrical engineering

For this project you will need

1 small Philips screw driver
1 rc car controller
1 cutting tool preferably pliers
super glue

Step 1: Disassemble All Parts

Remove all of the screws and open up the case remove screws from circuit board and cut wires from battery, also take out battery.

Step 2: Rebuild

Take the cover that was on the back for the battery cover and click it back into place, then put the screw in on the inside of controller so where the screw head was initially is now just threads, next screw the circuit board back on to the support pegs and then cut out the top left corner so that you can access the bat-box screw easily.

Step 3: Finial Step

Now simply replace the lid to the container and put 2 screws into the back, the rest is optional, you can replace the remaining two screws and the antenna but that will make it harder to open so i just put a dab of super glue on them and the antenna and slid it into place that way you will only need to unscrew 3 screws total, this should enable you to store small memory cards money and anything else that is small. Hope you like the project and vote for me!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You should put the purpose of this project in the introductory step rather than at the very end. That way, people will know WHY they should keep reading and maybe try this for themselves.

    This looks like a clever way to keep track of small bits, though. Are there many small bits you need to look after while controlling your RC vehicles?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction


    Thank you for the advice, however this is my first post so I wasn't entirely sure how to do it. Also the controller is rendered useless when you make the case so it cannot run a car, I designed it to hold small things in a container that would not be stolen.