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I had purchased a Hotwheels Stealth Rides crawler which was neat for a while but soon began to, (you guessed it), become boring. Being my natural self I began to ponder ways I could needlessly hack apart this marvel of micro R/C and turn it into somthing cooler. I thought, why  not use LEGOS? They seemed to be a (we must have A new one each trip to the store) toy with the younger ones of my household. Since LEGOS are interchangeable I created several versions so as not to repeat the purpose I started this project for in the first place,(repetativeness), and bore the children (but mostly myself). This way you can mix things up, and the possibilities are endless as long as you think up new bodies. I had a Caterpillar bull-dozer top for it but unfortunately the kids got to it and hacked the pieces off for their lego projects. I will try to get it re-created and posted as soon as possible. Also in the works is a pull behind harrow and disk for the farm crawler body. Keep your eyes open, there is a secret waiting to be descovered. First 3 to find it get a high-five!



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    SGT. Desert

    6 years ago on Introduction

    this looks ..... well cool
    i made a tank like this a wile back but didn't post


    7 years ago on Introduction

    u should make an instructable on how to make the chassis and different beds and puff the magic dragon. :)

    1 reply

    Welll if you look at the side view of the crawler body you see it is made fo a 2x8 long flat piece. That is all you need to start the chassis. Then you can add whatever you want to. I'd post some detailed pics of the truck body but it unfortunately has been destroyed in the months since I posted this. sorry :p