RC Truck Camera Mount

Introduction: RC Truck Camera Mount

In this instructable I will show you how to make a camera mount that is easy to make and is compatable with all rc cars and trucks.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed


The price next to the material is the price that I paid at the Home Depot so prices may vary depending where you shop

Aluminum angle 3/4"x1/16"x36" $3.97

3/4" plywood $8.95

Camera tripod screw with nuts (I had one lying around so it was free)

Old RC body this is optional it is just for looks


Any type of saw that can cut plywood (I used a jigsaw)

Hack saw or metal cutters

Pop rivet gun and pop rivets


Drill bits

Tape measure


Nail punch

Step 2: Measuring Truck

Get your tape measure and measure the distance between the front and rear body posts write down the number on paper so you won't forget.

The truck that I am using is a Traxxxas Stampede xl-5 the length in between my post was 10"

Step 3: Cutting Your Aluminum Angle

After you have measured the distance between the front and back of your body posts you want to cut your aluminum angle. You are going to mark the measurement from the previous step onto your aluminum angle but add an inch. The measurement in between my body posts was 10" so I am going to cut two 11" pieces of aluminum angle.

Step 4: Drilling Your Holes

Now that you have two identically long pieces of aluminum angle you are going to need to drill two holes in them so you can rest it on your body posts

1.)Get one of your pieces of aluminum angle and hold it up next to your body posts and using a sharpie mark where the posts are

2.) punch a hole on top of the sharpie mark this way it will be easier to drill

3.) drill your holes in the aluminum angle

4.) repeat all the steps with the other piece of aluminum angle

Step 5: Cutting the Wood

In this step you are going to cut out a piece of wood that the camera will sit on.

1.) put your pieces of aluminum angle on your RC body posts

2.) measure the width from the outer part of the aluminum angle

3.) decide how long you want your piece of wood to be I chose to make mine 6" long

4.) mark the measurements onto the plywood and then cut it out

Step 6: Putting on Camera Screw

Now that you have your wood cut out you need to find a spot where you are going to put your camera screw your camera screw is what the camera will be mounted on later so make sure to put it in a place where you want it. I put mine in the front part of the wood.
1. Find a drill bit the size of your screw

2. Drill a hole in the piece of wood where you want the screw to be

3. Secure

Step 7: Securing the Wood to Your Aluminum Angle

Take the piece of wood and your two pieces of aluminum angle. Drill two holes near the corners of your wood then place it on your aluminum angle and use a sharpie to transfer the hole. Then drill your holes in the aluminum angle then pop rivet the wood to the aluminum angle. Now your mount is complete.

Step 8: Choosing Your Camera

This mount is great because you can use many types of cameras. You can use any type of camera that has threads for a tripod screw. I have used a flip, a digital camera, and a Oregon action camera. I am currently saving up for a go pro but because I am 15 it takes a lot of yards to cut.

Step 9: Making It Look Pretty

If you don't like the way it looks and you have an extra rc body lying around you can cut a hole in the front of it and put it on top.

Step 10: Testing It Out

This a video with my rc camera mount in the video I am using a flip video camera.

Step 11: Questions

If any steps confuse you or if you have any questions please ask them in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your rc camera mount.

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