RC Truck With 2 Speed Trans, Suspension and Steering

Introduction: RC Truck With 2 Speed Trans, Suspension and Steering

Full set of instructions enabling anyone to build this great model, enjoy. I've tried to make them as easy to follow as possible, all being done from memory because this was built ages ago and taken apart a few months ago.

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Step 1: The Engine

Gather the parts in 1st picture and pre assemble as shown. Unfortunately there had to be some modifications made to some of the parts (mods are detailed)
Next assemble the main part and fit the crank and then fit the pistons, these can be a bit fiddly to fit but it does help if you twist the ends. 3rd image shows complete assembly.

Step 2: Rear Differential

Gather the parts in 1st picture and pre assemble as shown. Again there had to be some modifications made to some of the parts (mods are detailed) this was only done so the rods would drive the crown wheel without slipping out. Finally assemble as final picture.

Step 3: Main Gears

This should be pretty simple. The text is in the order of the images.
Gather parts in the 1st image and then assemble as 2nd image.
Assemble 1st/2nd gears, this is the shaft that will move back and forth to select 1st, 2nd and neutral gears.
Assemble idler gear and shaft.
Assemble main drive gear. The small cog on the connects to the crankshaft and will turn the engine and the main drive is operated.

Step 4: Front/Rear Suspension

Gather and pre assemble parts as the 1st image and then assemble as the second image. Both side are exactly the same.
As above but are the 3rd and 4th images.

Step 5: Chassis & Miscellaneous

Chassis (due to lack of images some odd bits n bobs on the chassis will need to be added) follow the order of the images.
Build the main floor pan as the first image. Then built the main frame onto the floor pan as 2nd image.
Hood 3rd image, front bumber/grille 4th image, roof 5th image, seat/man and then strap the man in with elastic bands images 6, 7 & 8, arches 9th image and make four of these, 10th image gather parts and the assemble as 11th image then do another. Then assemble the front and rear arches to the running boards as 12th image.

Step 6: Put It All Together Part_1

This is where it all takes shape and again please bear with it due to of lack of images. I have broken it up into two parts to try and make it a bit easier to follow.

Assemble the rear diff assy as 1st image, then make and fit the suspension brace and idler gear as the 2nd image, the fit the rear suspension as 3d image, fit the drive gears 4th image, fit the next set of gears 5th image, fit the front suspension and track rod for the steering 6th image, make the main drive motor mount 8th image and then fit as the 9th image, fit the atches as the 10th images. the mounting points should be the same for front and rear. Fit the front bumber/grille as 11th image. It should now start to look like this final image.

Step 7: Put It All Together Part_2

Make and fit the gear shift motot mounts 1st image, make and fit processor mounts 2nd image, fit the motor and processor 3rd image. In this image it is possible to see the gear selector mechanism fitted, 4th image shows a closer veiw of the selector, fit the main drive motor and handheld unit as 5th image, the 6th & 7th images shows how the steer motor and handheld unit is mounted. It should now look like the 8th & 9th images.

Nearly there now.

Fit the roof as 11th image, fit the hood as 12th image, fit the side nets 13th image same for both sides, then finally fit the wheels and your finished.

I have tried to make this as clear and easy to follow as possible but as said earlier this has all been from memory, images are limited and the model was dismantled a few months ago.


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    13 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds amazing, but would you make a piece count? I'd love to make it, but I don't know it I have enough pieces for it all


    8 years ago on Step 7

    Where did you get that connector in picture 10?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I guess you mean the gray hinged 8 way connector. Not really sure, only have one and it cam in a job lot of K'Nex I bought from Ebay. Don't know what set it comes from, sorry.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That's okay, Its just that I've been build with knex for a long time and I've never seen it before.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I used some small bore flexible tubing that was a tight fit on the end of the rods. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It is awesome! I made it a while back, but couldn't get the drive and steering to work. He told me how, but i haven't yet got round to trying again.

    High quality model, basically flawless English (I skim-read it) and a great 'ible. 4.5*