*RE-PURPOSED* - Men's Tie (into) Bias Tape - PURPLE




Introduction: *RE-PURPOSED* - Men's Tie (into) Bias Tape - PURPLE

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If *YOU* enjoy this Instructable, please take a moment to VOTE for it !  Men's Tie's can be purchased very inexpensively at the Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Auctions - OR - You probably already have a few laying around if you have MEN in your family !! :D  Men's Ties are almost always made of Silk - SILK is expensive !!  Store Bought Bias Tape is BORING.  Solid Colors, cotton only.  Jazz up your clothes using this unique Bias Tape!  NO COST, NO SEW PROJECT, RE-PURPOSED - AND - PURPLE !!!!

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Step 1: Materials List

For this Project you will need ONE Men's Tie, Scissors or Rotary Cutter, Seam Ripper, Iron

Step 2: Open Tie, Press

Ready to Start??  Turn Tie over to back side.  Using Seam Ripper, remove closure threads up entire length as well as label.  Remove padding or insert used to give tie its shape.  PRESS OPEN with Iron set on SILK.  Steam is o.k. 

Step 3: Cut Bias

Since Men's Ties are made from BIAS fabric, they are PERFECT for making Bias Tape !!  Folding the tie in half lengthwise, using Rotary Cutter, cut straight up sides to create one long piece of evenly cut fabric.  Cut off ends of fabric where pointed.  I can usually get a piece of fabric 54" long.  Enough to do a neckline and sleeve edges.

Step 4: Pressing Into Bias Tape

Lengthwise, fold Bias Fabric on long edge.  Pressing as you go.  Once you've pressed in half, open to expose center press seam.  From inside, fold one side into center seam, pressing as you go.  Do one side and then the other.  Now you have a piece of Bias Tape that  has been double folded, Ready to use as Bias Tape.  This can go around necklines, sleeve edges, blanket bindings, to bind really *anything* that needs a flash of color!!  Even a basic white T-Shirt can be dressed up with this type of Bias Tape Edging.  In the last photo you will see all the ones I've already pre-made.  I keep a nice stock on hand for anytime I need Bias Tape.  NO COST, RE-PURPOSE.  Bias Tapes here in North America can cost upwards of $3.00 on for a 3 yard pack.  SAVE money!  RE-CYCLE your favorite Men's Tie !! Keep on Crafting and until another Instructable - Love, Kanatka

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    European non-sewing type - what's a bias tape? ie what do you use it for?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You can check my Instructable where I made a Children's Bib using this same Men's Tie Bias Tape. It shows exactly how to use the Bias Tape and how to sew :D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Bias Tape is also called Edging or Binding. It is made from the CROSS Grain of Material, going diagonal in direction. It is made in various widths and it can be single folded or double folded, depending on the use. It can be used to encase raw edges on sleeveless shirts / tops., neck / hem edging, blanket edging. Because it is made on the cross grain / bias of fabric, it will conform to curves with no bunching, but will lay smooth. Being folded in on itself, it can be sewn two ways -- 1) If you would want to use with no sewing stitches being shown - you would OPEN the Double Folded Bias Tape and use the first press seam towards the outer edge. Laying that press seam on your sewing seam, you would stitch all the way around. Then you would fold over as the pressed tape allows and you can either do a "stitch in the ditch" type of stitch or using an Invisable hand stitch, sew by hand on the underneath or backside. 2) If a topstitch is being used, place raw edge inside of Double Folded Bias Tape. Pin to keep secure until sewn. You then simply sew very close to the outside of the Bias Tape which will catch both sides. There are tutorials online that can show you first hand how to use this product. I hope this answers your question and if you have anymore, please feel free to ask. I love passing on my sewing knowledge. Kanatka