READY 2 GO Emergency Porta Potty




Introduction: READY 2 GO Emergency Porta Potty

Sometimes you just can't dig a cat hole*. And as the title suggests...this is an EMERGENCY porta potty. I bring it for my kids when we go places that don't have porta potties or if the porta potties are too gross to even consider. All the parts are in your house right now probably. You may never need it but it's nice to know it's there if you do.

*cat hole - a hole dug in the ground to relieve one's self in...covered with dirt afterwards, much like what cats do

Step 1: What You'll Need...and Why...

plastic grocery bags WITHOUT HOLES:
This is your toilet plain and simple...concerend about a leak? That chili cheese dog was a mistake? You've held it for an hour? Double the bag.

absorbent material (paper towels are best):
This is to soak it up...yes, soak it up. You don't want a giant pee (or other stuff) balloon to toss away.

sanitary wipes and/or toilet paper:
I'd say this is obvious but this is, use these accordingly.

Sealable bags (like Ziploc brand):
This is if you feel a bit self concious about tossing the grocery bag solo. And to be honest, tossing the used Ready2Go is just like tossing a soiled diaper. It's gotta be done.

Since you may very well be using the Ready2Go in your car you may want to add odor spray to your pack. "In my car?!?!" you say! Well, yes. If you can't dig a cat hole then that means there are probably other people around. You want your privacy, right? Right. I use this for my kids to use in the car. Yes, in the car (hence the odor spray). We have tinted windows so no big deal. Let us not confuse "in the car" with "driving in the car", all right? This is not a mobile operation.

And if you don't already carry some, hand santizer would be nice.

Step 2: How to Use I Need to Tell You This...

All right...I shant go into detail...suffice to say you get several layers of paper towels and set them in the bottom of one of the hole free grocery bags. Keeping the grocery bag open you'll need to aim. Yes, aim. Worried? Just think of what'll happen if you miss. That ought to help with the aim. If you're wondering where the image is for this step...I couldn't convince either of my kids to pose.

Anyway, Ready2Go works for either #1 or #2. After using the Ready2Go, wipe, pull up your pants and tie a knot in the receptacle bag. Or, tie the knot's up to you. If you feel the need, place receptacle bag into one of the sealed bags...seal...toss into a garbage can. Again, it's no worse than tossing a soiled diaper.

And please, feel free NOT to let me know how it works for you. I've got kids. I've seen it all.




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    9 Discussions

    In the interest of being more earth friendly... might I suggest looking into a purchase of some biodegradable bags? They are easy to find these days online and in stores oriented toward such things. They could even be buried later on in a place that it is okay to do so or disposed of in a porta potty or some such place.
    Just a thought.

    1 reply

    I can see this being a benefit only if the technology behind biodegradable bags has improved since last I heard about them. The problem used to be that the bags only biodegraded properly if they were exposed to UV rays...which doesn't happen in landfills, portapotties or if you bury them. And you usually want to cover up what's in these bags. :-)

    I currently am in need of an emergency toilet, plumbing problems.  Where does one dispose of the used bags?  Is it ok to toss in the trash?  I was considering putting a disposable diaper in a doubled garbagfe bag or maybe kitty litter with some Rid-X. 

    1 reply

    I apologize for my late issues. ARGH!  Anyway, your problem may be resolved by now but some things to consider. Baby diapers are full of poop and pee and you (the collective you) throw them in the trash. I don't see why you couldn't throw yours in as well. In kindness to your trash collector I would use a double bag. I'm not sure if Rid-X would do anything...I think you need an open system like a septic tank for that to work aerobically.

    Hope your issue is resolved.

    May I suggest a large coffee can?   it would add a bit of support for the bag and the small bottom as they pose over the bag and help with the aim.  

    We used to pose the kids on the edge of the car floor  between the car doors for privacy in an emergency and if necessary the back of mom's coat formed the last of four "walls.  

    1 reply

    Excellent idea, Kitty. Thanks. You could also use the can as the container for all the items and it would store better in the vehicle.

    I always kept gallon sized zip lock bags with me when I camped... line it up... go... zip it up and dispose of it in the morning.

    2 replies

    When we camp, we use cat holes. Bags are good for when you can't or won't use a porta potty.. Ziplocs are a miracle of science in my opinion. I should start their list of uses. Unfortunately, my kids don't have the best aim when it comes to the more stinky things. Even a gallon size ziploc can pose logistical problems, hence the grocery bag. :-)

    The gallon bags might be an issue ...I can see a parent holding the handles of the grocery bag...front and bag...up high enough out of the way... so everything makes it into the bag and not on anyone... I will keep that in mind.. most of my grocery bags seem to get tears in them as thin as they are these days. I camped in my van and it was nice not having to get out at night... Maybe a box of cheap handled kitchen bags would do.